Help with my Situation [M15]

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2021.10.20 13:55 Connect-Confusion-19 Help with my Situation [M15]

So, I am A [M15] in this story, and want some advice. So, basically 4 years ago, my dad passed away, and he was kinda abusive in his relationship to my mom [F42]. I stayed in denial for like 3 years, but then started to process my emotions regarding him. Well, it was his birthday like yesterday, and I was lowkey tearing up over how the relationship could have been fixed, instead of him drinking himself to death, but deep down, it probably couldn't have been.
Recently, my mom made me have dinner with this guy, who's sorta cool, but I don't really vibe with him at all. My mom also asked for a second dinner, or some sight-seeing, which I refused to go to, mainly because I'm holding onto the past. So, I got some advice, which suggested I should ask for therapy. So, I asked my mom tonight about therapy, and it went as follows.
My statement leading into the therapy convo was like "I heard a lot of parents are getting their children into therapy due to this lockdown" (in India, the lockdown hasn't subsided just yet). My mom's response to that was that it was useless, and then proceeded to give me advice on how "If i was feeling depressed, I should surround myself with good things and loved ones". She also said how I should cut out toxic people who are contributing to my depression. I don't know what to do now, because she's clearly not getting me therapy, and I'm still having trouble moving on from the past. What should I do?
TLDR: Dad died 4 years ago, I have trouble moving on from the past, my mom thinks therapy is useless, and I should surround myself with good things, and I'm confused now.
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2021.10.20 13:55 thecloverboi Food tray mod

I need to be stupid
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2021.10.20 13:55 Thotline-miami Question on NGE dvd set

I just ordered an ADV Neon genesis set, not the platinum one, the older set. And I cannot seem to find info on whether it has fly me to the moon or not. Does anyone on the sub have this set and can they confirm if it does?
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2021.10.20 13:55 minbtc $TZC ATH soon

new ATH soon
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2021.10.20 13:55 Spinopsyx Skull Monster Dinon 🔥💀🦖 -- Fan art for this Halloween hot head, Josnoir_ [tw].

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2021.10.20 13:55 Demasterpl1 OpenVPN Container Keeps Dropping Connection

I'll start or reboot my OpenVPN (Haugene's) container and it'll work fine until 6-24 hours into it being turned on. The logs of the container end up looking something like this: Image

Any ideas on what I can do? If it helps I'm using PIA as my VPN provider and I'm overriding DNS using Google's DNS servers ( &
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2021.10.20 13:55 DifferentGovernment3 Giratina RAID 3858 1467 0358

3858 1467 0358
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2021.10.20 13:55 sclayton1006 Sentinel Construct Clarification

Hi everyone. Just a quick one which can probably be confirmed quite quickly. If a Doomstalker is charged by an enemy unit can it benefit from the Sentinel Construct ability or does it apply to any unit within 6” and not itself?
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2021.10.20 13:55 XyZenos Battle Round 3 : Back to the 80s

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2021.10.20 13:55 sourcaffeine The Ever Popular MD3 Is Released Today

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2021.10.20 13:55 IHaveAllTheWheat Okay, enough about the "I own you" distraction. I have a serious question that needs to be discussed.

Okay, so we have already established that Aaron Rodgers owns the Chicago Bears.
However, Aaron Rodgers works for the Green Bay Packers.
u/IHaveAllTheWheat owns the Green Bay Packers.
Does u/IHaveAllTheWheat own the Chicago Bears?
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2021.10.20 13:55 SorcererTyrant Starting Crusade

I'm about to start a narrative crusade with some friends of mine and am deciding which type of terminators to use. I plan on going dread host because I like their lore and the deep strike ability they get. We're starting at 50 PL and I planned to take a telemon, guardians, and a terminator squad to start. My only question is, is Aquilon the right choice or Allarus? I figured with the telemon Aquilon may be overkill for heavy hitters.
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2021.10.20 13:55 reddit_feed_bot NewsBusters: Nets Censor Devastating Poll Numbers for Collapsing Biden Presidency

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2021.10.20 13:55 SoftCat436 Integrante de ayudantía de AMLO va al gobierno de Sonora, con el doctor Alomía

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2021.10.20 13:55 InevitablePleasant36 Paypal for buying second hand stuff?

Thinking of staying in Istanbul for a few months. I'll need to buy two monitors for my work. Just wondering if I can use Paypal to send payments to locals. I can get my money back on Paypal if they sell me shit product. If Paypal doesn't work, what's an alternative I can use? Thanks
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2021.10.20 13:55 redskinoscar My optometrist

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2021.10.20 13:55 throwaway456208 Does my [22M] GF [24F] really love me?

LDR. I've been knowing her for almost two years. One year together. We first met each other in a university exchange, in person, in a third country, before getting in a relationship.
Since the very first day, she told me that she was quite insecure and had fear of abandonment. That she suffered in the past because of her childhood and a boyfriend she had.
In the beginning of this year, she started meeting weekly with a guy to do language exchange, but later, when I saw she told me some stuff that I didn't consider as really normal for me. We sorted it out and I forgot it. She was going through a very hard moment and well... Right now, this guy is very far, in another continent.
Last time together (two weeks ago) I stayed in her apartment while she was out there taking classes. As I needed a paper sheet, I took one from the place where she explained to me I could find them and suddenly, upon trying to collect some sheets, a notebook fell over, open. That notebook was her diary and it was open in a page where it read something along these lines: "As David (me) is far away from me, he can't take care of me all the time; but when Jack (this language exchange guy) will have gone to Australia, I'll be all alone in this city". And more notes basically in these lines: "I can't afford to be sad because Jack and David worry about me and I really care for them".
And yes, I know it was horrible of me to read it, but this left me thinking...
I notice she's getting clingier and clingier these last two months. I love her, but of course I don't want to be fooled or used just to fulfil any emotional emptiness. Even though she's my very first love experience, I'm trying to open my eyes. That's why I'm posting this on here.
What killed me is reading that always that I was mentioned, he was too, as if he was another boyfriend of her or something. I notice she's getting clingier and clingier these last two months.
TLDR: I found something very disheartening about my GF and I'm a bit lost. I notice she's getting clingier and clingier these last two months. She's coming in one week.
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2021.10.20 13:55 mauroperezdraws the weed fairy, commission result drawed few days ago, really fun to draw this concept :)

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2021.10.20 13:55 im_daemon Are conjoined people considered one person or more? i. e. do they get different social security numbers, licenses, votes etc. ?

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2021.10.20 13:55 ASICmachine It’s Halloween season $66,666.66 (x-post from /r/cryptocurrencymemes)

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2021.10.20 13:55 Ravingcorvid My albo cuttings first new leaf 🥲😥😥😥

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2021.10.20 13:55 emofather Moms, this might be a stupid question so go easy on me but, do I REALLY need a crib?

I have alreasy have a rocking bassinet for the newborn, but after going registry shopping with my mom, I saw how expensive cribs are and it's going to be something my baby only uses for a few months between transitioning from bassinet to bed. I just saw a post on toddlers that people are transitioning to bed at 20 months. Do I really need to buy a crib or is there some kind of attachment I can buy for a small kids bed so that way I can can least make it last as long as possible?
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2021.10.20 13:55 Protector333 Snotty boy glow up meme explains how ww2 works
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2021.10.20 13:55 hambone_83 Trulieve Announces Reopening of Dispensary in Lehigh Acres | Trulieve

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2021.10.20 13:55 ASICmachine The Number of the Bear (x-post from /r/cryptocurrencymemes)

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