Have to describe the Quantum Mechanics of the stages of MRI imaging for extra credit in one of my engineering classes. Am I on the right track?

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2021.10.20 14:26 krishandop Have to describe the Quantum Mechanics of the stages of MRI imaging for extra credit in one of my engineering classes. Am I on the right track?

Have to describe the Quantum Mechanics of the stages of MRI imaging for extra credit in one of my engineering classes. Am I on the right track? submitted by krishandop to Physics [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 14:26 EmoJi25 Ya ne kadar saçma salak bi ailem var amk.

Ya amına koyayım p.tesi gününden beri hastalıktan ölüyorum, covid olduğumdan şüpheliyim, evde 70 yaşında kronik rahatsızlıkları olan anneannem var ve annem diyor ki seni test yaptırmicam çünkü covid değilsin nerden biliyosun amına koyayım vahiy mi indi? Babam desen zaten covide inanmıyor amk. Ya yeminle kafayı yicem gelmişler yarak kürek heriflerden duydukları bok gibi karışımları içiriyorlar yok kekik suyu yok amcık suyu anasının amı. Anlatamıyorum derdimi hergün daha kötü oluyorum gelip iyisin iyi bi şeyin yok diyorlar deli mi bunlar amk. Hayır sınıfımda zaten çıktı bi tane yakın olduğum çocukta. Utanmadan bir de kul hakkı ahkamı kesiyorlardı zamanında. Teyzem falan arayıp hergün konuşuyor amk. Ne yapabilirim ben bunların beni hastaneye götürmesi için
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2021.10.20 14:26 Snoo-6761 Does anyone know how reliable the L3++ machines are

im buying a refurbished L3++ machine (1650$) & (optional 300$ warranty). the issue is my country is facing electricity problems. 2 hours on 2 hours off every day.
my worry is that the sudden power loss will damage my machine and make my investment turn to 0.
I don't pay anything for electricity. so I want to benefit from it
is there anything i need to know eclectic wise to power it if i do end up buying it. like what type of outlet should i install and what should the configurations be.
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2021.10.20 14:26 Sensitive_Role8469 Do you feel that when one of the phases of your bi-cycle lasts so long, you would forget the sexual or romantic feeling you used to have for the other gender?

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2021.10.20 14:26 aeradyren Was having the worst Dice-a-Roo luck today...and then boom! Only took me 16 years!

Was having the worst Dice-a-Roo luck today...and then boom! Only took me 16 years! submitted by aeradyren to neopets [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 14:26 cinnamonKnight [WTS] AM1 Patta Size 9.5 $275 + Shipping (From UK)

[WTS] AM1 Patta Size 9.5 $275 + Shipping (From UK) submitted by cinnamonKnight to sneakermarket [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 14:26 Sellineth Day 20 - Sprout

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2021.10.20 14:26 aRipeBananana This is a test of diamond hands.

The shorts want us to quit, roll over and let them cover. If you can buy more, that’s amazing. At the very least, hodl. Show these fucks that we’re retarded enough to never let. I will continue to eat my crayons until I can trade them in for tendies. DIAMOND MOTHERFUCKING HANDS 🙌 💎
See you retards at take off 🚀
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2021.10.20 14:26 idontknowart Making aUEC in 3.15 after wipe

Hi, i started playing a bit again. I saw a guide about mining making tons of money. With just a starter i cant really follow the guide. so any tips to reach these yummy ships without months grinding or buying a prospector for real money?

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2021.10.20 14:26 BlackHeartRose2020 Where is squid game part 2 ?

Hi everyone! Does any of you know when will stephanie post her squid game recap part 2? It's been 3 weeks and nothing yet. Did i misunderstood?
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2021.10.20 14:26 Trev2-D2 Cool strap.

Cool strap. submitted by Trev2-D2 to CrappyDesign [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 14:26 PepperMyr Advice for making an old-school feeling cube?

I'd like to make a cube which draws influence from the old-school days of Magic. A fair quantity of the cards would be from that time period, and the other cards would be mechanically and power-level wise similar. That said, I am not an old-school player. Does anyone know of resources to find what kind of cards, decks and archetypes were played back in the day?
Perhaps some of you long-time Magic players can think of archetypes, synergies or particular cards you think would work well in a cube like what I described. Feel free to share them here -- it'd go a long way.
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2021.10.20 14:26 DougLocKoa Happy birthday, pretty boy

Happy birthday, pretty boy submitted by DougLocKoa to seinfeld [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 14:26 g3nerallycurious Why are stone roads and sidewalks so common in Europe, but not common at all in the US?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of stone vs. asphalt/concrete?
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2021.10.20 14:26 doublez2012 A question to all the fans who want us to lose more games so ole gets sacked

I think it’s time for ole to go when we have a decent manager lined up to replace him, however the glazers have shown time and time again that they will only sack a manger if it’s mathematically impossible for them to get champions league. Do you really want us to finish outside of the top 4, fail in the champions league and maybe even fail in europa league aswell ? That could all realistically happen, but hopefully no one is rooting for us to be that bad this entire season
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2021.10.20 14:26 snoopwire Bokomaru

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2021.10.20 14:26 rowesy Evasion to armour secretly OP?

So I was looking at POB and noticed that if you roll a dexterity based character, or grab enough dexterity to run 100% spell suppression, you can then convert all Evasion to armour (armour was buffed) you keep all your suppression % (as it states in POB).
My thoughts are spell suppression + armour is better than the life you gain for strength + armour.
Therefore a dex stacking or hallow palm build would be pretty bonkers
Anyone else doing this?
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2021.10.20 14:26 No_Dig_610 🎃BabyPumpkin - $BUMP - 100X Defi Gem And NFT Project On Bsc 200k Mcap !! Stealth Launch 🚀

$BUMP is an experiment in self-sufficient, self-organizing cryptocurrency community building. With a goal of being the most successful ‘baby’ token ever on Binance Smart chain through building a strong community and innovative game changing utility 🎃🚀
🎃 Ultimate tokenomics for auto-rewards, liquidity growth & project growth 🚀
🎃 Community-building ecosystem with a unique NFT avatar collection Bumpkinz 🔥
🎃 SCARY HUGE Marketing plans 💥
🎃 A very experienced team ⚡
🎃 HUGE SECRET UTILITY being built...announcements on Halloween👻 The utility announcements will be above and beyond what any other ‘baby’ project has ever done.
🎃 Tokenomics:
2% auto staking rewards 2% liquidity generation 2% marketing
BUY (6-6% slippage)💰
🚀 Contract Address: 0x4cda4d26390e2b6212dc2ea5f1e5637d62a7fb68
🚀Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x4cda4d26390e2b6212dc2ea5f1e5637d62a7fb68#readContract
BumpIt 🎃
Do not miss out your chance to be an early investor! Don’t be the one to see this post and then come back once it’s mooned! Get in from the very start! We’re here for the Long Run!
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2021.10.20 14:26 fern_za [USA-TX][H] Apple Watch Series 5 Nike - 44mm – Silver Aluminum - GPS + Cellular [W] PayPal

Hello everyone - Looking to sell an Apple Watch Series 5 today.
44 MM – Silver Aluminum Nike - GPS and Cellular - Asking $190 shipped
Screen has a few scratches on it – visible under bright light. There are some scratches on the case of the watch. Please review pictures. Comes with a white sport band, original box with chargers.
Pics and timestamp: Link
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2021.10.20 14:26 yangjunyu WallStreetDads is dreamed up by a few dads who got too deep in the r/wsb and built it with heart and tons of jokes. We literally couldn't stop giggling while building this! Good community, a team that listens, and a clear roadmap for the long haul. Join us! Links in comment

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2021.10.20 14:26 roshugaming Crusader Kings 3: Count of Montaigu Lets Play Part 2 ~ Cornwall falls

Crusader Kings 3: Count of Montaigu Lets Play Part 2 ~ Cornwall falls submitted by roshugaming to shamelessplug [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 14:26 Odd-Combination6173 Ronaldo is also 'not enough'... 'Dissatisfied' with Solskjaer Manchester United board 먹튀검증

Ronaldo is also 'not enough'... 'Dissatisfied' with Solskjaer Manchester United board 먹튀검증

먹튀검증먹튀사이트먹튀검증사이트먹튀 검증 먹튀 사이트 먹튀 검증 사이트
Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been one of the most supported managers in the transfer window this summer.
Starting with Jadon Sancho, one of Britain's top talents, the club brought in Rafael Varane, a French national center back from Real Madrid, and the return of Cristiano Ronaldo at the end of the transfer window made a breakthrough. Manchester United spent $154 million on the signing of the three players.
However, Solskjaer is not satisfied with the club's support. Manchester Evening News, a local newspaper in Manchester, England, reported on the 19th (Korean time) that manager Solskjaer was "dissatisfied with the fact that he did not sign a midfielder in the summer transfer window."
According to the report, Manchester United have been linked with several midfielders, including Eduardo Camavinga (Rennes), Declan Rice (West Ham) and Leon Goretzka (Bayern Munich), but this did not lead to a contract. Camavinga, considered one of France's best talents, moved to Real Madrid.
Also, Paul Pogba has not signed a contract with Manchester United and Donny van der Beek is also on the bench.
Solskjaer's dissatisfaction with the midfield position was revealed after the 8th round defeat against Leicester City. On that day, Manchester United formed the midfield with Nemanja Matic and Pogvar, but they were unable to overcome Leicester City's organizational power and fell to their knees 2-4. In response to the criticism towards Matic and Pogba, Solskjaer said: "We played too easily. We should have been more concise and more aggressive. We gave Leicester City too much space. It was a problem for the whole team,” he said.
Manchester United lost 0-1 to Aston Villa in the sixth round and drew 1-1 with Everton in the seventh round. As a result of staying on one point from three matches against Leicester City, the league standings fell to 6th. The gap with leaders Chelsea is 5 points. As the performance faltered even after receiving huge support, voices calling for the sacking of Solskjaer are coming from the locals. In addition, there was a claim that Solskjaer failed to take control of the locker room, saying that he had a disagreement with some players such as Marcus Rashford.
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2021.10.20 14:26 Futuzucooking Last Minute Halloween Treats | Halloween condensed milk pumpkin & white chocolate truffles

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2021.10.20 14:26 herrorouge Is this standard practice for daycares?

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2021.10.20 14:26 SamayaNL Chickens hardly breeding?

So I need eggs, and I captured two chickens. After a couple of hours, I only managed to get them to breed twice. They should be able to breed every 5 minutes, but they just don't accept seeds. Bug or am I missing something?
submitted by SamayaNL to VaultHuntersMinecraft [link] [comments]