Which group dropping the best music?

2021.10.20 13:25 Available_Ad9196 Which group dropping the best music?

Which bk drill group dropping the best music rn?
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2021.10.20 13:25 GorillaPunch64 Teeth are absolutely disgusting to me, to the point where I avoid relationships. Is there something wrong with me?

To me, teeth are absolutely horrid. The way the look is so jagged and slimy. And the smell of breath, stinky or minty, is just repulsive. It has caused me to avoid intimate relationships with people, because I don’t want to get close to them. When I talk to anyone, the first thing I notice is their teeth. It brings back memories of being in school, and seeing other kids eating their lunch food with their nasty, rotten, crooked teeth, and it’s put me off for life. Is this a normal issue that other people have, or do I have some sort of phobia?
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2021.10.20 13:25 tabascoman77 The Epic Tale of M, the Boss of Red Flags

I am a writer at heart.
It's basically what I do in my real life outside my mundane office life.
I've was just never paid to do it...until recently.
After COVID had ravaged my former industry (luxury bus lines that would transport Silicon Valley yuppies and millennials to and from places like Facebook and Apple), I was out of a job for over a year. Thankfully, my family and I were able to live off the Unemployment stipend which was much needed because nobody was hiring out there.
Unfortunately, my wife and I both knew that wouldn't last forever, so my job search was constant.
After being stuck in a rut and unable to find any sort of supervisor work which I had become accustomed to doing, I went hunting for writing jobs, applying to companies who needed someone to run their social media campaigns and their blogs or websites.
I am fairly good with that sort of thing, being that I have experience with SEO and getting noticed on Google.
To my surprise, I got three hits. One ended up being a complete bust and the other didn't want to pay as much as I was looking for. The final one wanted to see me immediately and called me up, asking about my compensation. I told him the truth and said I would not work for less because writing is a job I take pride in. He agreed to interview me without any pushback and I was thrilled.
When I got there, I interviewed with the man who I will call "M". He explained the position (which was billed as "Digital Content Writing") and explained that he wanted some marketing and organic growth for his small business, which I will not reveal here. I told him that I could definitely handle the website side of things and that I had some great ideas about how we could push his company off the ground.
I aced the interview. Guy offered me the spot without much else to say after a half hour. I was kind of surprised by that, but didn't give it much thought because dude had a small business and he was most likely desperate for some real help. His office was nice. Lobby was nice, meeting room was nice. The website was passable, made on SquareSpace with some bad grammar and stock photos of things he claimed was his work. More on that in a bit.
Anyhow, I was hired...and I'll just call this Red Flag #1.
Red Flag #2 came when he came in eight dollars underneath my minimum requirement, which was completely confusing considering I told him what I required -- TWICE.
When I confronted him about this and told him I wasn't working for what he offered, he immediately tried to gaslight me, telling me "You said (x amount) so I don't understand why you're complaining."
I told him, "I never said that amount. I never said it. I said (x amount)."
He immediately called it "a misunderstanding" and then tried to tell me how admirable I was for "communicating this to him in a stern manner." Whatever. Dude couldn't even admit to this. This is Red Flag #3.
I came in for my first day and he immediately told me his business was really TWO businesses.
When he explained why (one dealt with the product he used with his larger product in the company I was hired for), I was absolutely confused by this. Why would you have two companies pretty much doing the exact same thing, but only mention ONE? Red Flag #4.
I was asked to do a "30-day gameplan" on how I would help his companies take off. Without hesitation, I did what I was asked and presented it to him. He seemed somewhat impressed, so I was happy.
My "office" was shared with a woman who handled the company's finances. I will call her "A". She was a nice person and I enjoyed working with her, even if our politics didn't gel. She took some time to open up but, when she did, it was nice to talk to somebody new. "A" would often ask me what I was working on because she was skeptical of M's ideas. When I told her I was going through our Yelp reviews, "A" snickered and said "You mean our fake reviews?"
I thought she was kidding...but when I looked, I noticed that many of the accounts leaving five-star reviews were people working for the company -- and for the second company as well. Disturbed, I looked on the other company's Yelp -- and saw the same thing. Red Flag #5.
I could deal with all this crap, though. I figured we'd get more clients and we'd be bombarded with real reviews that would drown out the fakes.
Except when I dug deeper, I found that we had far more negative reviews than positive. They had been buried and marked as "fake" or "reported" or some such nonsense. These reviews appeared to be from real people and when I confronted M, he told me he reported bad reviews and had them dumped because he claimed they were "fake". I told him that couldn't be true because a lot of these people had very real gripes that matched up with some of the jobs I looked up.
When I did this, he finally admitted he hated negative reviews. I told him that he couldn't do that and the best way to go was to contact these customers and get to the bottom of how he failed them. That was part of the "growth" he was looking for, I explained. He nodded and said, "So you think we should respond to them? They just like to complain."
This irritated me and I told him he couldn't dismiss customers he didn't like if he wanted his company to survive. If it turned out that these customers were beyond help, then we should do something. So, I went about answering every single customer gripe and trying to get them back on board with us. Not sure if it worked but it was worth a shot. Oh yeah. Sorry. Forgot to mention that his attitude was Red Flag #6.
Oh, but it was much worse...he had fake reviews on every single review website he could find -- AND he had been booted off by about two of them because they wouldn't put up with his shit. Red Flag #7.
About a week or two into my tenure, M decided that he was going to leave the country for two months to...I have no idea. I still don't know. I am guessing he was visiting family and friends. I didn't much care because he wasn't around and that gave me all the time I needed to re-vamp both company websites. The first one took me a week to do and I was extremely proud of my work.
Shit...I forgot to mention his scheme here...
So, he is uber-paranoid or untrusting or something. I have no idea.
First, he has cameras EVERYWHERE. Every single room of every single office, the warehouse, two other offices...cameras. They're Ring cams so he can actually watch us whenever he wants AND he can talk to us if he wants. This was a bit creepy -- though I chalked it up to him trying to protect his assets. What disturbed me was when "A" told him she was paranoid because she didn't know if he would go so far as to plant a hidden camera in our bathroom.
M's response was simply: "That would be illegal."
Not a denial.
Needless to say, I always felt like I was being watching while in there. It was a gross feeling. Red Flag #8
But that's not all.
Dude also had a timeclock system that MAPPED your location. When you'd clock in just outside the area of our office, he'd ask why. Red Flag #9
And, my favorite one: Hubstaff.
If you're not familiar with this bullshit program, Hubstaff is this software that, once you activate it, will monitor your productivity. It also records your screen every so often and screenshots what you're doing. It also tracks what sites you visit. You can turn it off -- but when you do, he'd see it and tell you to turn it back on. Cameras, timeclock tracking, and Hubstaff. This was overkill. Red Flag #10.
Anyhow, I tossed screenshots of my work at my boss while he was out (he said this was ok) and he got back to me and said he loved it. I even put a new blog post up, saying that we were re-vamping and new changes were coming.
I did the second site which I loved even more than the first.
The other guy running that particular company (we will call him "S") never answered. Whenever I sent images to his admin, she would make snide remarks about how it was different but that she didn't really like the way certain things were aligned. I didn't pay her much mind because S's opinion was more important, as was M's. M never responded, either.
2 months later, when M came back from overseas, he wondered what I was up to. I told him I had re-vamped both websites but I seriously needed to go out in the field to gather content and that the company wasn't really stoked about me doing that. He wasn't enthused either, and decided he was going to have content sent to me -- except that the content was boring as hell with zero context and I had no story to go with it. I pleaded to go out to speak with customers.
Finally, they allowed me to. I was told to drive to Hayward area first thing in the morning -- except when I was at the final turn-off, I was told to turn around and head back south to the Silicon Valley because "the Hayward customer isn't ready yet", meaning I had just driven 40 miles in my car for NOTHING. I was pissed. But it gets better.
When I arrived at the second client meet, I was late and couldn't get much from the clients, which really irked me. Worse, it was run by the girl who told me Hayward wasn't ready. The same girl told me to go to another place to talk to a customer. So I did -- and found out SHE HAD ALREADY TALKED TO THE CUSTOMER AND THEY LEFT. So, here I am, no customer and a couple of our people who had stayed behind to do some prep work.
At this point, I am fucking exhausted. I head back to base to get some lunch when I am phoned up by our office manager who tells me to head back to Hayward. I snarkily replied, "Are we SURE they're ready this time because I wasted 40 miles on my gas tank and was told to turn around."
My office manager apologized profusely and told me to go.
I stopped for lunch first and sat there, thinking that I was in the wrong line of work and that I had written exactly one small piece and the rest of it was just web design work. I texted my wife and told her that I really wanted to quit -- but she talked me out of it and told me to just go about my day.
Thankfully, the Hayward client was much better. I got lots of content and got to interview the customer for the blog.
A week later, I wrote what I consider to be a beautiful piece about things. My boss was thrilled and told me that I really knew how to tell a story and that my writing was beautiful. For the first time, all those red flags seemed like it was worth it. I was finally getting paid to write, too. I was earning good money. It was awesome...
...for about 20 minutes.
I had pulled into Total Wine to grab a bottle of wine to celebrate the weekend and my new piece with my wife. She was thrilled for me.
The aforementioned woman who left me in a lurch with the Hayward thing phoned me up. We'll call her "L".
She said "The client saw your blog article...she's not happy." I was confused and asked her what the issue was. She said that the client thought I was "insulting her". Immediately, I went on the article and couldn't find anything I said that could even be even the least bit insulting. She said "She wants the blog post taken down." I immediately went to M about this and M told me the customer was "just being silly" and that he would stand behind me. And that lasted five minutes before I got a text from M that read, "Take the post down. We're going to lose her business." I tried to tell him to explain that I wasn't insulting anyone and to please keep the post up.
He refused.
That should have been the last fucking straw. Stupidly, it wasn't.
I actually sat in my car for five minutes, numb. This hurt. Like, it truly HURT. The one true piece I had written was being dumped because M was conceding like an idiot.
When I got home, I am ashamed to admit that I actually sat in my room and cried. My wife came to check on me and I expressed my frustration.
Things did get better a week later when I got to go to an opening with another client. I wrote a great story about it. It got some good praise.
But then M contacts me and says "We need to discuss the website."
I meet with M and he goes through the site from top to bottom and gives me a long list of shit I have to "fix".
I told him that the site had been up for a few weeks and when I had asked him about it, he told me it was incredible. Turns out he didn't really look at much. Maybe he just took a quick look at the screenshot and called it a night. I have no idea.
Whatever it was, this sort of thing would become a pattern with M. I would send something to him for approval, he would approve it or say how great it was -- and then he'd come to me a week or two later and tell me how much it sucked. Red Flag #11.
He would constantly berate "A", too, harassing her over money issues he clearly didn't understand. Red Flag #9. She would save his company money and fixed errors the last accountant missed -- and he'd nail her to the cross over text or call her up and condescend to her. He even somehow passed an audit he had NO business passing. Red Flag #12.
We had a warehouse worker who turned out to be the father of "S". He would smoke INSIDE THE WAREHOUSE which was full of actual, flammable stuff. He would pile up product so there was no clear line to or from the bathroom, which was a major fire hazard.
One day, the smoking was just out of control and it was seeping into our office. I tried to tell him to smoke away from us but he didn't speak English so he had no idea what I was trying to tell him. To resolve this quickly, I told the office manager. She told S. S told his dad. And his dad was PISSED, yelling up a storm outside in his native language. His son tried to cool him off as did M. Instead of getting an apology for the commotion, we got a lecture for telling on him. Red Flag #13.
More missed connections. M would never answer texts, would go on constant road trips and vacations (often with S as his company) and then come back, days later, to ask us 20 questions about the things he was too neglectful to be involved with. When projects fell behind because of the lack of communication, he would blame ME for it and claim that I "never sent him these things to review". Fuck that, I am all about CYA, so I showed him texts and he would be like "I never got that", which is absolute horseshit -- especially when he'd pull his phone's screen from my eyesight and go "Anyway, let's talk about this..." Red Flag #14
I would send emails to him because I HATE TEXTING. That's all he wanted to do was fucking TEXT. I do email. It's better and there's always a trail and not some fuckery involving lying about getting them or not. He would tell me how he "rarely checks email". REALLY? You are the big boss and you DON'T check email? Red Flag #15.
S would come to me, jealous of how much attention I was giving the main company and not his. I don't blame him. M was hogging me. I felt bad for S. S told me he had ideas to design a catalogue for his business and said he wanted it to be online. Great idea. I'm all for that -- except M would pull me in another direction and I would never get S's stuff done.
S would come to me a few times and say the same thing. I told him I was working on other things, that I was sorry.
One day, M came to me about having a company outing. He didn't assign this to his admin at the front desk, which was odd, but here we are. He gave me a list of people to invite and stressed "NOBODY OUTSIDE THE COMPANY." Cool. Whatever.
I suggested some fun things we could do: bowling, arcade/pinball/, a nice dinner.
M suggested going to a golfing range. I'd never been there. I can't golf for shit, but ok. Looking the place up, it was pretty much a place to order food, drink, and hit golf balls. That's cool.
I tried to book the place but the guy would not answer. I let M know that the event was severely delayed because of this, expecting him to tell me to move on to another plan.
M put his own plans above everyone else. He wanted golf, no matter what. After two weeks of back and forth, I had it booked. I began to invite everyone and told M I contacted everyone he listed. To my surprise, M asked me to name who I talked to. When he found out I invited an offsite interior designer (one that I stress WAS ON HIS ORIGINAL LIST), M was LIVID and accused me of not paying attention to his list. He told me to show him the list he gave me.
I showed him the damn list HE WROTE. It had the designer's name on it.
What does he say?
"Oh...her...I thought you meant another (her name)."
Fucking asshole couldn't admit he was wrong OR say that he was sorry for blowing up. Red Flag #14
My son got sick. Violently sick. Thankfully, it wasn't Covid. We all got tested. We were fine, too. He just had a bad cold. In any case, with my wife at work, I had to stay home to watch him. I arranged to work at home for one week. Except M made me install Hubstaff on my Mac and have it on all week so he could see what I was doing.
When Hubstaff wouldn't work right (it didn't get along with Big Sur, apparently), and would shut off by itself, M would get upset and contact me to turn it back on. I told him that it was a known issue with Big Sur. His response? "If this work-from-home thing is going to work, we need Hubstaff to be on so find a way." Red Flag #16.
Dude asked me about my son. Once. The entire time I worked there. Otherwise, he couldn't give two shits. He didn't even ask about my home life or talk about what I liked to do for fun. Red Flag #16.
At this time, S finds out that his company is basically leaking money and that they're not making enough. S immediately calls me to place some Yelp ads. I must have read the dollar amount vs. clicks at least a dozen times. Whatever it was, something was not clicking. Finally, he settles on an amount. I put the order through and we're done.
Also, S goes on multiple vacations with M and they just do whatever the fuck they want when they want. They don't answer texts, they spend money like rock stars, and they ignore the real world until the shit hits the fan, at which point, they rage.
The day of the event, with everything locked in, M tells me he wants to "change the time we all arrive to later."
I tell him that's going to be a big ask because, in my experience, venues don't change times at the last second. I call the venue. Indeed, the event planner is confused and a bit put off. I don't blame him. M, as it turns out, has to "meet with a client". At 6:00 at night. On a Thursday when we don't meet clients. Red Flag #17.
I explain to M that we can't change the time and, suddenly, he's off the hook with that "client". Whatever.
He tells me to take pictures at the event because he wanted an article done. Great idea. I took tons and told him I got lots of content.
S found out and said "No, we're not doing an article and you can't use the pictures."
I tell him there was no point to me even being there. I could have been home with my wife and kid. I asked why he even had me there. He said "Well, you had a good time, right?" I told him that was fine but that the content was a big thing. Somehow, he goes on to convince S we can use the photos.
Later, we find out
Suddenly, out of nowhere, M approaches me about starting a retail company for fine jewelry. He's already created a website. Also, he wants an additional company for another product he wants to sell. At this point, I'm flabbergasted. The main company has customer retention issues, we don't have enough content, he's resistant to radio ads (which he wanted) and then says he wants them, then says he doesn't want them while keeping the radio sales guy at an arm's length.
I swear, when Radio Sales Guy asked him to name a date and time, M wrote back "Ok".
No email sig, no other words, no "signed, M".
He simply wrote "Ok".
When Radio Sales Guy was starting to get a bit pissed and asked M if he had decided on a time, M simply answered the email with "Yes".
No period. No sig again. No nothing. Just "Yes".
It was embarrassing. I was personally humiliated.
Red Flag #18.
Anyhow, he wants these two new companies to take off. He calls me in for a meeting on how we can make his new venture leave the ground. At this point, I've all but checked out. I didn't come here to work on Jewelry retail companies and hawk cheap wallpaper and couches.
Oh, his new slampiece is in the meeting room with us and it's CLEAR she's calling the shots.
And when we're discussing a logo and I tell him I'm not a logo designer, she interrupts and goes "We can hire someone to do the logo, not him."
My jaw hit the floor. Red Flag #19.
S comes to me again and he wants a flyer made for his company. And he's going to run around and distribute these flyers in people's mailboxes like it's 1984. I get the details and I try to start work -- but M pulls me off and tells me he wants me to name all his dumb jewelry pieces for his new website that I haven't even SEEN yet.
And this "jewelry" is pure shit. It's also available from cheap overseas retailers who are beyond sketchy. I would never buy this shit and I fear M's fallen for a pyramid scheme and that he's only doing this to make a quick buck. Red Flag #20.
I meet with M yet again. I go over things I've done. He still has issues with the website -- even though I have fixed everything he's wanted me to fix. This time, he wants "better pitcures" in the "finished projects" section. Why? The finished projects he's showcasing on the site?
They are fucking STOCK PHOTOS. He's been faking out his goddamn customers all this time.
I just have no words at this point. I tell him that S wants a flyer. M rolls his eyes and says "We don't need flyers for S. I will talk to him."
A day later, M comes back to me and says "Have you worked on S's flyer?" I tell him NO because I was told he would talk to S. M goes "Ok, we're going to do the flyer AND I want one, too, for this company." REALLY?! I knock out the main company's flyer first and go to the next one -- but M wants a big fucking BANNER, too. One that's like 8 to 12 feet long.
So I knock that out.
S is pissed. I haven't worked on his banner and he calls me, livid, shouting at me, telling me I don't pay attention to his company. M is within earshot and I look at him and he's just smirking and looking at his phone. I know he can hear S yelling. He just doesn't give a shit and he doesn't even TRY to stop S from berating me.
At this point, I've more than grown a pair and I have had enough.
I rip into S for taking a ton of vacations and ignoring his company. I tell him the M pulls me off assignments and to go bitch at him. As soon as I say that, M's smile is gone and he leaves the room. The conversation goes on for a good 30 minutes until S hangs up on me.
M doesn't mention a THING to me.
The day it happens, I actually go to S and tell him that we need to start over. I don't want this shit hanging in the air.
Oh man...the worst was yet to come.
I design S's fucking flyer and he's pissed. I designed it to his specifications. S thinks it's amateurish and I agree -- however, it's his exact design. I swear, this is a giant troll job. I have been done with M's flyer for some time. S comes in and tells me I need to "study what real flyers look like" and design him a more professional one.
I do that. It looks gorgeous, like an ad in a magazine.
S tells me that he likes it much better. That he's thrilled with it. Way to go. All good.
Later, I'm chilling with my wife and, suddenly, I get a text. It's S. He wants me to change a bunch of shit and he will go over it tomorrow.
I'm like "Ya' gotta be kidding me...it was DONE."
Now he wants a big fucking star in the middle of the goddamn page and the star needs to have words in the middle and he wants a hokey ass design. I show him a mock up and he thinks it looks terrible. I AGREE. IT'S FUCKING TERRIBLE BECAUSE THESE IDIOTS HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DESIGNING.
I show M. He says it's crap, too. I do another mock-up and, this time, everyone loves it. Ok, good.
Both flyers out of the way. We're done.
But, noooo...S can't stay in his own fucking lane.
He wants me to rework M'S FLYER, TOO.
For fucks sake...
He wants me to try to use different photos. It looks like shit. Add this photo instead. Looks like shit.
Suddenly, he says, "let's do a staff photo day and use a group photo".
Mind you, these flyers were supposed to go out two weeks ago and we're now backed up because of this shit.
So, we have a staff photo day. Nobody really wants to do it. All the girls there who are already attractive are whining that they don't look good enough when they've had 2 whole days' notice to do what they can to look presentable.
I go back and start doing what I can to fix the flyer.
The next day, M texts me about the flyer and I tell him it's done...but he goes off. What about Google Ads? I tell him I already started those. He wants to see, I show him. How come I didn't notify him? BECAUSE HE TOLD ME TO DO THIS AND SAID "GO". He rips into me for being "uncommunicative". Then he asks me for screenshots of what I did the prior day.
I show him everything with context and email it all.
He doesn't want email, he wants me to shove this giant email with all the pictures into a TEXT. A FUCKING TEXT MESSAGE.
His response?
"This isn't enough work, come on. What am I paying you for?"
This was the day I finally cracked. It was here, at long last.
I went apeshit, telling him how ungrateful he was and how he never spoke to me and how he would be out of touch completely until he spewed 100 questions at us after coming back from where ever he was.
We had it out, big time.
It got so bad, I finally said "Is your ultimate goal to make me resign my position? Because I'm very much nearing that point right now."
Suddenly, he softens and says that he was being harsh -- but that he needed "results".
I told him I would have HAD results for him -- except that he texted me all fucking DAY and wouldn't allow me to work. He wasn't even AT work. He was at HOME, away from the office. And S wasn't even around, either.
After some time, I am trying to get other things approved -- but he ignores what I send him and he immediately asks me about something else.
I tell him I need him focused on what I just asked him. He ignores it again and says, "I think we need to wrap this up for today."
I said "No...we need to approve this project. What's your answer?"
Instead of responding, he says "When I come in tomorrow, I expect to see a whole new Marketing Manager in your seat."
Oh, man, fuck him.
I slammed my phone down and told my colleague what he just said.
I went home that night and I tried to relax but couldn't. Suddenly, I get a text, requesting that I be at a "meeting" at 4:30 PM the next day.
Instead of agreeing, I contact the Office Manager and tell her I'm not coming in on Thursday. I have had enough and I need a mental health day.
Office Manager agrees.
I sleep in that morning and it felt great -- except M doesn't seem to know where I am because the Office Manager never fucking told him.
I didn't honestly care. I was too pissed.
Later that night, after going for a drive, I contacted M and told him we could have the meeting on Friday -- except M responded, telling me "I don't want you here on Friday. We will be out of town (FUCKING SURPRISED? I'M NOT!) and I don't want you back at work until we've talked."
I said "I don't agree to this. I don't need to be off. I have a bunch of shit I need to get done. I just needed today to focus on me."
He's adamant and controlling, telling me he will see me Monday.
Now, I'm REALLY seeing red. I tell him that he's cutting me off from wages for no good reason as a form of punishment (he is -- this is tit-for-tat childish bullshit) and he tells me "we will talk Monday."
Get ready for this one.
I was at work all damn day, nervous as hell. I don't WANT to have this meeting but he's forced my hand.
The motherfucker NEVER SHOWS UP.
Where was he? I have no fucking clue. I DO know that his little excursion was a trip to Los Angeles.
The company with customer retention issues and S's company which is drowning -- and this motherfucker is opening jewel companies and trying to rent houses 400 miles south of where he actually fucking LIVES.
He never texts me. He never emails me.
It's DEAD SILENT on his end.
I just shrug. Now I'm not nervous. Now I'm pissed and I am ready to lay into him.
Today rolls around. I have a full day.
I have shit I have got to do, I have a doctor's appointment, and I have a phone interview with a company who is interested in me because, fuck this, I have had enough.
M is silent all the way up until 10:50 AM when I am about to leave for my appointment. The texting is cordial and we agree to meet after I get back.
My phone interview doesn't happen, by the way. The person interviewing had some sort of health issue. That just adds to my day.
When I get back, SURPRISE! M isn't ready for me because he's overbooked himself and S can't join us either.
I have to wait another hour and I do. When I show back up, they are finally ready to go.
The one thing I DO apologize for is telling the Office Manager and not M that I was taking a day. He is happy to hear that.
But, then...THEN...
M asks me, "Why didn't you text me yesterday?"
I say, "I'm sorry?"
He says, "You knew we had a meeting...and you never reached out to me."
Bruh...bruh...FUCKING BRUH.
He says, "You let three, four, FIVE hours roll by and you never thought 'Where is M at?' Why wouldn't you call me or something? This is the communication issue I am talking about."
Let me get this straight: M KNEW we had a meeting on Monday -- but didn't bother to show the fuck up. He did so with ZERO explanation and didn't even give ME a courtesy buzz to let me know he was still out of town or whatever -- and he's blaming ME for his absence?
I shit you not, THIS HAPPENED.
I was so shocked at his audacity, I couldn't even get words across. I told him that he just left and he didn't bother to call me and that it's not on ME to call HIM. Seriously, this is like an abusive spouse telling his battered wife to apologize for making him hit her.
He and S think I "never talk to them". No shit, sherlock, YOU GUYS ARE NEVER FUCKING HERE AND NEITHER OF YOU ANSWER WHEN YOU'RE GONE.
"It could be WEEKS before we talk."
Same answer, morons!
Now, with two hours left in the day, they tell me how I pretty much suck at my job and that my strong suit is my writing and that graphic design and web design are sub-par and I have almost tuned out and I am starting to think about how I could leap across the table and strangle M.
They want a "Gameplan" and want it in 2 hours and want me to "present it" to them.
I can barely concentrate. I go back to my office and draw up a half-assed plan mainly comprised of all the shit they've chosen to ignore or neglect the last four months. I'm turning the tables.
Instead of seeing this plan as something useful, it's sheer mockery and nit-picky bullshit. I didn't print them a copy of my "list". I'm not "presenting" correctly. I have "nothing tangible" for a plan, just "empty promises" -- except they're NOT empty. They've just been ignored. I can't get results because I need their approval to move on them. I literally needed this MONTHS ago.
After an hour of this bullshit, they want to see the flyers again. I am exhausted with these fucking flyers by now. They've been on my plate for weeks and they're so old, they're stinking the place up. I tell M I texted those to him 2 weeks ago.
Once again, M gaslights and tells me "I never got them" which is horseshit because he and S approved them.
M's final shot at me?
"We will re-convene on Friday when you have actual data to show me...I hope that's a good day for you."
I am too tired, too cranky, and hoarse to argue anymore. I have tapped out.
I go back to my office, text the flyers, and I go home for the day.
And I tell my wife that I am quitting my job. I am actually quitting a job without a safety net to catch me for the first time in a decade.
I text and email everyone I know at the company so it doesn't get lost. I let them know I have resigned my post and I even took a small shot calling the management "misguided".
That's TAME compared to what I COULD have said.
I tell "A" about it -- but she's busy trying to fix M's new SIM card but the other one isn't working. Verizon is begging "A" to have M call them but M refuses and makes her do it.
This is the asshole we worked for.
Today is Wednesday and I actually feel somewhat free. I am getting noticed on job boards and I am confident I will have a new job relatively soon.
I just wanted to relay this story of my boss because I needed some therapy. Sorry for the long post.
TL;DR: My boss was a complete fucking neglectful, abusive, bullying dickhead with several red flags and trust issues. When he was wrong, he never admitted it and he would gaslight to get away with his bullshit behavior. Fuck him.
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2021.10.20 13:25 ivegotaqueso AB6IX - AB6IX Discusses MO’COMPLETE, Personal Journey And India @ Namaste Halley (211020)

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2021.10.20 13:25 qHasNothing Hello! I need help about making new account on tetr.io

Hello! Im a new player on tetr.io but still i cant find how to open an account
Can please somebody help me?
Thank you!
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2021.10.20 13:25 Ne1tche-son PR management feels horrible for not attaching anything to the 8-K explaining things.

Let's forgive them ya'll.
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2021.10.20 13:25 Beneficial-Highway22 What is a sentence that killed you inside?

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2021.10.20 13:25 kryptononfurie I don't know why I'm introvert, but when there is a group, I'm extrovert. Do you know why?

When I'm with someone, I feel like there is no conversation, and I don't know what to say. But when there is a group, I mean 3 or more people, I'm literally confortable. Like why? Are you ine the same position?
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2021.10.20 13:25 Rainbowart [For hire] Commission open. I will draw an illustration in a dark style for your tattoo or for an avatar. I will indicate all the details about the work in my personal messages.

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2021.10.20 13:25 thecrediblehulkk Middle Tennessee cedh event

Nov 7th at 7pm
All color proxies are welcome
11 of 16 signed up so far
$30 entry fee
At game knight
16 player cap please message me to reserve your spot
All color proxies allowed
1st Chrome mox plus 40 SC
2nd Promo lsochron scepter Plus 30 sc
3rd Jpn dark ritual plus 20 sc
4th Doomsday plus 10 sc
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2021.10.20 13:25 darthtidiot A theory about the UFOs

They're just trying to get people excited about the lousy alien survivals.
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2021.10.20 13:25 wipez1 God of war coming to steam

Anyone else excited for god of war to be able to be purchased on steam on the 14th of Jan ?
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