t4stk s6yi5 f6byd e5ez8 58s6f ih22h kfa54 kiy7z ndrr3 tys3e rsd7i ify97 6ib6d 6frnb a4fse 794n3 75e93 si7bh 47y64 328db 9e5fz How is this software "Award winning" |

How is this software "Award winning"

2021.12.01 16:33 frizzykid How is this software "Award winning"

I've been using it as my main video editing software for around 2 weeks now after reinstalling my OS and not feeling like moving over my sony vegas software to the fresh drive. Not only out of the box does it perform way worse than any other free option out there, it's full of bugs and crashes all the time.
I know rule one is

Be respectful and polite
and I'm trying to be as non confrontational about this as possible, but I couldn't help but ask this question after seeing "Award winning video editing software"
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2021.12.01 16:33 SignificantOne4755 Only 3 INGREDIENTS! Delicious perfect for Christmas treats and holidays , melt in your mouth!

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2021.12.01 16:33 Venom80 Major plot hole in the original Ghostbusters Movie (1984)

So after the Containment unit gets blown up and all the ghosts that are captured get released what happens to them after they defeated Gozer and sent her back to his dimension?
Do they all magically disappear with Gozer because by the looks of GB 2 they said its been 5 years and no Ghosts are around much anymore ( i think besides Slimer) and the Ghosbusters are disband.
Alls they did in the first movie was send Gozer back to her dimension while the other Ghosts still remain free they act as if they destroyed all the ghosts by the end of the movie unless im missing something?
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2021.12.01 16:33 DemUnderground TFG-appointed judges are pushing a huge right-wing lie in order to block vaccine mandates

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2021.12.01 16:33 Intelligent_Plane_31 Mega Steelix RN will add 10, 1269 3091 9612

Lets go!
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2021.12.01 16:33 sai-d-tama Life of Sperm

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2021.12.01 16:33 11201ny (RANT) OWC is a strictly Mac Parasitic Business. Good Riddance OWC!

Professional commercial photographer here. Been using OWC product for a while. At first glance they are great. However in the long run, they are not a professional leaning business. They are parasitic, feeding off of enthusiasm. For me, it has NEVER ended well.
The last draw for me is the OWC Express 4M2. Bought along side with Samsung EVO drives (which were NOT listed as incompatible). As a matter of fact, before purchase there were NO compatibility sheets provided by OWC. After weeks of back and forth with OWC, they concluded that I needed to buy their M.2 SSD drives. So I ate the cost of the Samsung EVO's. This unit has been stealing my time ever since I purchased it. SoftRAID (another disaster of OWC) is also designed not to play nice with Apple Disk Utility, which ends up causing all kinds of time consuming secondary issues ending with more installing and uninstalling than I have ever done. The activation process is obscene, and makes me realize how little respect this company has for their customer. Now the unit sounds like a 75 year old lifetime smoker, weeping through every breath.
Anyway, this company isn't the friend to Mac users that it pretends to be. It prays on us with promises that are rarely kept. This is a cynical company that gives no fucks about their own customers.
I am done with these scammers for good.
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2021.12.01 16:33 lUCa297 This year i got into Ye, probably one of the only good decisions of this year

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2021.12.01 16:33 ItsNoahh I was in the top 0.005% of Lil Uzi listeners, what did your guys Spotify wrapped look like?

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2021.12.01 16:33 Extension-Mousse3871 Me if it was a nutella donut

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2021.12.01 16:33 Garrys_Toenail How can I make a breakup easier?

Yeah there's no saving my relationship at this point. It's miserable and I don't think it's going to work out. Made me lose 5 days of sleep. How can I make it easier to break up? Thank you. Regards, - Ethan.
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2021.12.01 16:33 High-Profits $GXXM VIDEO And Webinar ARTICLE at CEO Road Show

$GXXM VIDEO And Webinar ARTICLE at CEO Road Show https://ceoroadshow.com/gex-management-inc-ceoroadshow-webinar-replay-nov-30-2021/
GXXM VIDEO Webinar Replay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErU_YKXslds
Sign up for future Webinars with GXXM https://ceoroadshow.com/gxxm-webinars/
Regards https://ceoroadshow.com/ Where Wall Street and Investors Meet
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2021.12.01 16:33 mmaridev Dynamically set open_basedir

Hi all,
I'm working with apache w/ mod_userdir to serve some content. The users can't access other user's home but the webserver can so I was trying to limit this possibility via open_basedir.
The problem is that I can't find a way to dynamically define it: i tried adding php_admin_value open_basedir . but it's too restrictive since prevents the user also to navigate through his own directories.
Any clue?
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2021.12.01 16:33 proomic I used to hide my body but fuck it I'm hot as [f]uck

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2021.12.01 16:33 Arkalie_ (First post) Well boys I did it! 300 chapters of one piece… I need a new hobby

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2021.12.01 16:33 MinimumCompetition85 GF of almost five years broke up with me and broke my heart

Hello all,
I just discovered this subreddit and I don't know what people usually post here but here is a heads up, it is going to be a long post, here is my story:
When I was 22, one of my best friends had a party at his house and he also invited a group of girls he befriended the weekend before in a club. One of them would later become my girlfriend for almost five years. she sat next to me and we started talking, the party continued and in the end we were making out on the couch, she then left and we exchanged numbers. after that we saw each other a few times and we also had some sexual contact, I fell for her from the beginning, her laugh, her sense of humor, I have never met a girl like that in my life. But she was a little hesitant and wanted to stay friends, she broke up with her ex-bf a few weeks before we met each other. But after like half a year I told her how I felt about her and that I wanted more than friendship. She got hurt by some asshole during that time and I wanted to show her that there are also good guys out there. After another night out I couldn't hold back and kissed her (we also had some sleepovers before where nothing happened), we had sex and from then on had a brief period in which we were friends with benefits, but still exclusive to one another. One night she told me that she also wanted a relationship and we finally became a couple. We were crazy in love, everything was awesome with her, I met her partens, she met mine and we spent lots of time together for 1.5 years.
Then I decided to pursue my master's degree for which I had to another city, which is like a 5-6h drive away. Since we had been together for 1.5 years and the master's would only take 3 semesters, we felt ready for a long-distance relationship. But I switched my major and wasted one semester, so 3 possible semesters turned into 4, no big deal we thought. We tried to see each other once a month, either she would visit me or I would visit her. And then it was time to go on my mandatory semester abroad (the 3rd semester) and I went to the US (we are from Germany btw) We knew it would be tough, but we thought come on, one semester and then I will be finished and we can finally move in together. She even agreed to move to the city in which I did my masters (Frankfurt) because there were more job opportunities. Actually it was during this time I decided I wanted to propose to her, everything seemed perfect, we were still in love, our families went along pretty well, we already picked names for our children etc. I wanted to propose to her in New York on the Empire State Building, something really romantic.
And then the pandemic hit, there was a travel ban and she couldn't visit me. Since the university closed the campus I decided to move back to Germany after only half the semester and spend the time with my family (because as you remember, people were fighting over toilet paper and we thought the world would come to an end, so I wanted to be close to my loved ones). So I moved back in with my parents in Bremen and she came along as well to spend quarantine and lockdown with me. We were sooo happy to see each other quicker than expexted. Since I was back in Bremen I was looking for an internship there which would take 6 months (part of the masters) and I got one. During the internship I moved in with my uncle because my parents decided to move to Bulgaria in the meantime. So now I was back home and we could visit each other frequently. After the completion of the internship as well as my master's I finally graduated in summer 2021. So what was supposed to be only 3 semesters turned into 6. But at least we could still spend lots of time together and also visited my parents in Bulgaria in the summer of 2021. After that I decided to do one last internship away from home, but this time only for 3 months and now that I am writing this, I think this is when things started to turn really bad. That was the biggest mistake ever. Even though she visited me 3 times during that time and I visited her once (I didn't have much money for travel) I thought something was off, the last time she visited me, or the last time I visited her. She was not as affectionate as usually, and she complained that I took so long to finish my degree and that she was waiting for me and that we wanted to move in together for so long but it never happened and that she was disappointed.
Lucky for me, against all odds, I secured a good job back in Bremen so for me everything seemed perfect, we could finally move in together and we wouldn't have to leave our friends and families behind (she admitted recently that she was doubtful about moving to Frankfurt, she didn't want to miss all her friends and family)
but somehow she was not so happy about that, something just felt off. After she left me and went back home she told me that she needed some time to think, I gave her a few days and realized how deeply in love I was with her, I couldn't even stand not talking to her for a few days and I also realized I was about to lose her and I cried like crazy. When I came back home to Bremen she wanted to meet me (which was yesterday, one day before starting my new work today) and said we needed to talk. We then sat down in her car and she explained how she was thinking and how she felt like our lives grew more and more apart, and that her feelings waned, to her it felt like I was no longer a part of her life. I said "but now it's all perfect, I have a job, we can finally move in" but she said it's too late, she didn't want that anymore. We both cried like crazy during this breakup, I told her that I wanted to propose and I feel like the biggest piece of crap ever.
All I ever wanted was her, and to start a family with her, and then my own career ambitions got in the way (but I wanted to provide for us) and I took too much time, and demanded too much from her, the long-distance relationship broke us apart. She also confessed to me later after I asked her about in on Whatsapp that she met someone two weeks ago and fell in love and also cheated on me with him a few days ago.
My heart burst into thousand pieces, there she was, the perfect girl of my dreams, caring, loving, soft, sweet and even she cheated on me. How can I ever trust someone again? How can I ever love again? I feel like Ted in HIMYM when he was left at the altar.... Today was my first day at work and I could barely function trying to surpress my feelings and not tear up. Also I am 28 now and I feel like I am too old now to start a new relationship and work on it for a few years before being ready to propose again etc.
Did I mess it up with the long-distance relationship? I mean I still want to be with her, my love is still strong, why doesn't she feel the same? How could she do this to me? Did she even love me that much? How is it possible to fall in love with someone you met two weeks ago and end an almost five year old relationship? She was the (first) love of my life!!! I am so devestated:(((
Guys please help me get over her, I have to get back on track asap to keep my job.
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2021.12.01 16:33 lss_bvt_ios_13 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2021.12.01 16:33 GLESX When 13 year olds say "____ was my childhood" 😒

You're still a child bro
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2021.12.01 16:33 BuyLegitimate7022 Alguém aí está vivendo um relacionamento à distância duradouro?

Gente, alguém aí conheceu alguém de outra cidade, outro estado ou outro país, começou a conversar pela internet, e conseguiu construir um relacionamento com a pessoa, ou até mesmo vocês chegaram a se mudar para morar mais perto, casar ou morar juntos? Me contem um pouco sobre como vocês se conheceram, como se organizaram para se encontrar, como fizeram para dar certo, e se vocês já chegaram a se mudar para a cidade da pessoa, a pessoa se mudar para outra cidade, ou os dois se mudarem para uma terceira cidade. Quanto tempo vocês demoraram para oficializar o namoro, e para se mudar? Caso ainda estejam longe, vocês já tem planos de ficarem juntos na mesma cidade?
Eu só me relacionei com dois rapazes até hoje, e os dois de outras cidades, porém no mesmo estado (SP). Ambos moram a 100 km de distância, e é possível chegar nas cidades em 1h20 de carro. O primeiro eu namorei com ele por 18 dias, e o segundo a gente se encontrou 2 vezes mas não chegou a virar namoro. Eu tenho carro e não tenho problemas em dirigir essa distância, mas o problema maior é a questão financeira, porque eu ainda não trabalho e dependo financeiramente da minha mãe. Mas agora eu fiz alguns concursos em algumas cidades do interior de SP, e estou esperando me chamarem, pra ver se as coisas melhoram um pouco. Aqui na minha cidade é difícil encontrar um namorado. E a cidade nem é tão pequena, são cerca de 150 mil habitantes. Mas se tratando se relacionamento gay complica, porque é um público bem pequeno perto do tamanho da população da cidade. Se eu morasse em uma cidade maior como Campinas ou São Paulo, eu teria mais oportunidades de namorar alguém da mesma cidade. Ou se eu fosse hétero, seria mais fácil arrumar uma namorada. Mas eu quero ver os relatos de vocês sobre relacionamento à distância.
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2021.12.01 16:33 futurepx Pens that take a Jowo Nib?

So I just put a Franklin Christoph nib in my my TWSBI Eco and I’m completely floored by how smooth and wet this nib writes.
Now it’s got me thinking: what other pens can I do this with? Aesthetically, I’m looking for something classic, sleek, and professional looking. Something like a Pilot custom 74.
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2021.12.01 16:33 beefee88 My Oscar such a drama queen

Monday, I changed the aquarium light schedule. I have it turn on daily 3 times sunrise, sunset, and a couple of hours at night. Yesterday, when I woke up, saw the Oscar lying on the bottom of the tank on its side. She occasionally swimming to the other end, but she would lay in the bottom. I don’t see this behavior before except that I did something that changed the dynamics of the tank. She also refused to eat. My first thought was that she was sick. I thought since nothing change except the lights, so I quickly changed light schedule back to 3 times a day. By day end, she was eating and all happy swimming back and forth again. She is also happy and eating today. OMG!!
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2021.12.01 16:33 MrAngryBeards It's December already! To get into the Christmas vibe, I'll be giving away a free premium skin commission this weekend!

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2021.12.01 16:33 KadirBeyGG F

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2021.12.01 16:33 Asleep-Plastic3672 بچها این فن آرت رو به دست آریا برسونید دمتون گرم

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