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2021.12.01 16:00 Mohametgp7 Manual Shooting scripted??

Isn't manual Shooting supposed to limit scripting and make the AI's shots less accurate? Because i tried it and in 3 matches i conceded 4 goals all with 3-4 shots. Not to mention my GK (Oblak) conceded 2 ridiculously easy goals that even my grandma can save (Pes 2021)
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2021.12.01 16:00 HaikuKeyMonster What an athlete! Watch till the end, that's what I call the best COMEBACK!

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2021.12.01 16:00 JaydenIsAPerson i’ve never heard of any of these but apperantly i listen to tbem

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2021.12.01 16:00 tommyblizzard 2021/22 Italian Superlega - match week 9 recap

Saturday was Grozer’s 37th birthday, but no day off for him, as Monza traveled to Vibo. The hosts gave another shot to the 3 OHs lineup with Basic on the right, while the guests used their default one. Monza started better (6-9), but Vibo reacted with a 4-0 break (10-9) and managed to take the 1st (25-23, 1-0). The hosts rode the momentum in the 2nd (8-5) and kept the guests at a distance, securing 1 point (25-22, 2-0). The 3rd set was balanced until 17-17, when Monza scored a 3-8 break and avoided the sweep (20-25, 1-2). After going 0/5 with 1 error, Baldovin took off Gargiulo for Candellaro, but the outcome of the 4th wasn’t much different (18-25, 2-2). The tie break started with 4 consecutive aces by Grozer, and when the courts switched on 2-8, everybody knew it was already over (6-15, 3-2). Monza completed the reverse sweep, but, against the 3rd worst team in Superlega without their leading scorer, it feels more like 1 point lost than 2 gained. Both Flavio (17 points, 67% kills, 7 blocks) and Douglas (13 points, 33% kills, 7 receiving errors, 1 ace) were great in the first 2 sets, but as they went down they dragged the team with them. Instead, Grozer (27 points, 44% kills, 7 aces, 1 block, MVP) did the exact opposite, also retaking the lead among Superlega’s top scorers and servers.
Milano went to Ravenna with some roster issues. Patry was out, so Piazza was forced to play with Romanò, despite the ECH hero still recovering from an injury. Zanini, instead, tried starting with Erati in the middle. It really looked like the 1st set was going to Milano (19-23), but Ravenna sent it to overtime (24-24), even if the ending was only delayed (24-26, 0-1). Something similar happened in the 2nd set, with the hosts able to come back twice from -3, but the guests scored a 0-4 break on 21-21 and doubled down (21-25, 0-2). Comparoni out, Fusaro in, but the move didn’t really seem to have an effect until 6-12, when Ravenna scored an incredible 9-3 break and tied it again (15-15). This time, though, the hosts got the job done and halved the distance from the guests (25-23, 1-2). Romanò out (7 points, 21% kills, 1 block), Mosca in and Chinenyeze moved to OPP. As Iron Man would have said, “not a great plan”, with Ravenna doubling their points in the standings (25-21, 2-2). Chinenyeze back in the middle and 3 OHs lineup for Milano, with Maiocchi on the right, while Comparoni was back for Erati. For a moment, it seemed like Ravenna could get their first win of the season (5-3), then Milano sent them back to Earth (12-15, 2-3). By far the best Ravenna of the season, led by Vukasinovic (26 points, 54% kills, 57% positive receiving, 2 aces, 3 blocks) and the usual Klapwijk (26 points, 43% kills). Still, even without “real” opposites, Milano’s superior quality eventually came out, with Jaeschke (25 points, 49% kills, 4 aces vs 1 error, 2 blocks) and Chinenyeze (17 points, 57% kills, 4 blocks) well managed by Porro (MVP).
After 2 defeats in a row, Piacenza was looking for points against Taranto. Bernardi chose to start with Stern on the right and Antonov on the left. The hosts dominated in the 1st (25-18, 1-0), but had to sweat a lot in the 2nd, where the guests were leading 19-21. Recine and Lagumdzija went in for Antonov and Stern and Piacenza could double down (28-26, 2-0), before dominating again in the 3rd (25-15, 3-0). 3 much needed points for Piacenza, thanks to their deep roster (9 points, 64% kills in little more than a set for Lagumdzija) and the consistency of both Rossard (21 points, 76% kills, 73% positive receiving, 47% perfect, 3 aces, 2 blocks, MVP) and Holt (7 points, 100% kills and efficiency, 2 blocks). A disappointing game for Taranto, with Di Pinto finding himself without alternatives to Sabbi (6 points, 30% kills), as Stefani was injured.
Modena hosted Verona looking for consistency after their key wins against Trento (on bye) and Perugia. For pretty much all players involved in the Barba e Capelli controversy, it was also the first time they faced Stoytchev again. The hosts had a better start (9-7), but the guests reacted with a 1-5 break (10-12) and even reached +3, before a block by Leal tied it again (16-16). Another break by Verona (21-23), but Modena caught up immediately (23-23) and won the 1st in overtime (27-25, 1-0). The hosts seemed to be on cruise control in the 2nd (15-11), before some questionable calls (and non-calls) helped the guests catch up (18-18). Mazzone built a wall on front row (22-19) and 2 consecutive points by Ngapeth closed it (25-23, 2-0). The 3rd set went more smoothly for Modena, with Ngapeth exhibiting a variation of his famous windmill, and the sweep was complete (25-21, 3-0). Third win in a row for Modena, meaning 6th place in the standings, -3 from Piacenza (1 game more) and -4 from Monza (2 games more). Once again, the best news for Modena came from their mental state, as they kept their cool when things started going South and fended off the attacks of arguably the best Verona of the season. Bruno is improving match after match, and on Sunday he sent 4 men in double digits on a 3-setter, where Ngapeth (12 points, 50% kills, 82% positive receiving, 64% perfect and efficiency, 1 ace) won his 4th MVP in 5 Modena wins and Mazzone (11 points, 80% kills and efficiency, 1 ace) scored 6 blocks, a perfect 1 block/set average in the last 4 games. It was a great duel between the Olympics MVP and 11 years younger Mozic (15 points, 47% kills, 1 block), but the rest of Verona wasn’t really at his level.
Meanwhile, Cisterna hosted Lube with some roster issues. Szwarc will likely be out for the season (broken ACL) and Saadat just joined the team, so Soli was forced to rely on Dirlic once again. On the contrary, while still resting Juantorena, Blengini welcomed Zaytsev on the roster for the first time of the season, albeit he wasn’t ready to play. The 1st set was very close (22-22), before 2 key plays by Lucarelli closed it for Lube (23-25, 0-1). The guests rode the momentum in the 2nd (1-7), but Cisterna kept fighting and eventually tied it (11-11). Another break by Lube (12-16) and another comeback by the hosts (19-19). Too many errors from Cisterna, though, including the serving one that closed the set (23-25, 0-2). Not much to say about the 3rd, as it was a Lube monologue (15-25, 0-3). Cisterna gave it all, but Civitanova was just too much for them, as their superior quality and experience came out in the clutch moments before unleashing in the final set. Dirlic (12 points, 65% kills, 1 block) wanted to show he can be a worthy starter, while Lanza (8 points, 40% kills, 4% receiving efficiency, 4 errors and 0 aces on 5 serves) couldn’t replicate what he did against Milano. On the other side of the court, yet another insane game by Simon (15 points, 92% kills and efficiency, 2 aces, 2 blocks, MVP), who managed to outshine both Lucarelli (16 points, 61% kills, 57% positive receiving, 2 aces, 3 blocks) and Garcia Fernandez (13 points, 59% kills, 3 aces vs 1 error).
In the final match of the week, Perugia was eager to resume their quest for the 1st place, but going to Padova is now a major threat for all Superlega teams. Russo was back in Grbic’s starting lineup, while Cuttini confirmed his faith in Canella. The 1st started balanced (14-14), then Perugia got ahead and never looked back (22-25, 0-1). Some breaks and counter breaks in the 2nd, then, on 12-12, Perugia couldn’t defend a spike by Weber because of the cameraman. Grbic took it on the poor guy and got a yellow card. From that moment, the guests could never lead, and the hosts tied it (25-21, 1-1). Russo out, Ricci in, and the 3rd set looked like a walk in the park for Perugia (11-20). Padova then scored an insane 9-1 break (20-21), but ultimately fell short so the guests could take it (22-25, 1-2). That scare proved to be healthy for Grbic’s team, which closed the game dominating the 4th set (17-25, 1-3). Perugia needed a win and possibly 3 points: they got both, but it definitely wasn’t their best game ever. Yes, they had 57% kills, but also made 29 errors and Padova registered very similar stats in the other fundamentals. Too bad the Patavini made a ton of errors once again (39 in 4 sets, 28 of which from the line), wasting a fierce game and that huge comeback in the 3rd. After a couple of disappointing games and a few trips to the bench, Loeppky finally delivered (16 points, 61% kills, 1 ace, 1 block), well assisted by Weber (16 points, 48% kills, 2 aces) and, despite some trouble in back row, Bottolo (13 points, 46% kills, 2 blocks). Another sloppy game by Anderson (9 points, 37% kills, 2 blocks, 6 total errors), more than compensated by the Latino wind coming from Leòn (16 points, 60% kills, 4 aces) and Solé (9 points, 80% kills and efficiency, 1 block).

You Energy Piacenza 3-0 Prisma Taranto (25-18, 28-26, 25-15)
Piacenza: Brizard 4, Rossard 21, Caneschi 5, Stern 10, Antonov 1, Holt 7, Catania (L), Scanferla (L), Recine 2, Lagumdzija 9.
Taranto: Falaschi 2, Palonsky 2, Di Martino 3, Sabbi 6, Randazzo 9, Alletti 6, Pochini (L), Dosanjh, Joao Rafael 10, Laurenzano (L), Gironi 1.
MVP: Thibault Rossard (Piacenza)

Modena Volley 3-0 Verona Volley (27-25, 25-22, 25-21)
Modena: Bruno 1, Ngapeth E. 12, Mazzone 11, Abdel-Aziz 15, Leal 14, Stankovic 4, Sanguinetti 1, Van Garderen, Sala, Rossini (L).
Verona: Spirito 1, Asparuhov 6, Nikolic 2, Jensen 12, Mozic 15, Cortesia 6, Wounembaina 3, Donati (L), Aguenier 1, Bonami (L), Qafarena 3.
MVP: Earvin Ngapeth (Modena)

Top Volley Cisterna 0-3 Lube Civitanova (23-25, 23-25, 15-25)
Cisterna: Baranowicz 2, Lanza 8, Bossi 7, Dirlic 12, Maar 9, Zingel 6, Picchio (L), Rinaldi 1, Raffaelli, Cavaccini (L), Wiltenburg 1.
Civitanova: De Cecco, Lucarelli 16, Simon 15, Garcia Fernandez 13, Kovar 6, Anzani 5, Marchisio (L), Balaso (L), Sottile, Diamantini, Yant 1.
MVP: Robertlandy Simon (Civitanova)

Pallavolo Padova 1-3 Sir Volley Perugia (22-25, 25-21, 22-25, 17-25)
Padova: Zimmermann 1, Loeppky 16, Vitelli 4, Weber 16, Bottolo 13, Canella 6, Gottardo (L), Zoppellari, Schiro 1, Petrov.
Perugia: Giannelli 3, Anderson 9, Russo 3, Rychlicki 12, Leòn 16, Solé 9, Piccinelli (L), Colaci (L), Travica, Ter Horst, Plotnytskyi, Ricci 5.
MVP: Simone Giannelli (Perugia)

Callipo Vibo Valentia 2-3 Vero Volley Monza (25-23, 25-22, 20-25, 18-25, 6-15)
Vibo: Saitta 2, Flavio 17, Mauricio 8, Basic 15, Gargiulo 2, Douglas 13,Rizzo (L), Nicotra, Bisi 1, Candellaro 2, Partenio.
Monza: Orduna, Davyskiba 12, Grozdanov 14, Grozer 27, Dzavoronok 14, Galassi 10, Gaggini (L), Federici (L), Karyagin 1, Beretta, Galliani.
MVP Georg Grozer (Monza)

Porto Robur Costa Ravenna 2-3 Power Volley Milano (24-26, 21-25, 25-23, 25-21, 12-15)
Ravenna: Biernat 2, Ljaftov 13, Comparoni 2, Klapwijk 26, Vukasinovic 26, Erati 2, Goi (L), Andrè Luis, Orioli, Fusaro 5.
Milano: Porro 2, Ishikawa 16, Chinenyeze 17, Romanò 7, Jaeschke 25, Piano 8, Staforini (L), Maiocchi, Mosca, Pesaresi (L), Djokic 2, Daldello.
MVP: Paolo Porro (Milano)

Civitanova - 28 (9-2)
Perugia - 22 (7-1)
Trento - 22 (7-3)
Monza - 18 (6-4)
Piacenza - 17 (6-3)
Modena - 14 (5-3)
Milano - 12 (4-4)
Padova - 11 (5-3)
Cisterna - 9 (3-5)
Taranto, Vibo - 7 (2-7)
Verona - 5 (2-6)
Ravenna - 2 (0-10)

Points (match day): Georg Grozer (Monza) - 27
Points (Superlega): Georg Grozer (Monza) - 193
Points per set: Rok Mozic (Verona) - 5.70
Aces (match day): Georg Grozer (Monza) - 7
Aces (Superlega): Georg Grozer (Monza) - 27
Aces per set: Wilfredo Leòn (Perugia) - 0.90
Blocks (match day): Flavio Resende Gualberto (Vibo) - 7
Blocks (Superlega): Robertlandy Simon (Civitanova) - 28
Blocks per set: Robertlandy Simon (Civitanova) - 0.82
Most times MVP: Earvin Ngapeth (Modena) - 4

Kill % (match day): Civitanova - 59.7 %
Kill % (Superlega): Perugia - 53.2 %
Aces (match day): Monza - 10
Total aces: Civitanova - 74
Aces/set: Perugia - 2.21
Blocks (match day): Milano - 13
Total blocks: Trento - 99
Blocks/set: Trento - 2.68

NEXT ROUND (December 5th, 6pm CET):
Perugia - Vibo (3.30 pm)
Civitanova 3-0 Taranto (November 18th)
Trento 3-1 Piacenza (November 18th)
Milano - Padova (RaiSport)
Verona - Ravenna (December 4th)
Cisterna - Modena
Bye: Monza
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2021.12.01 16:00 Onediamondfilms How To Recreate Yourself (REINVENT YOURSELF MOTIVATION AT ANY AGE!)

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2021.12.01 16:00 AsukaSanada I've been wanting to remodel Filbert's house since last March. Because he's my initial villager, he gets the starter house. Tried to swap out the furniture for him, didn't help much. My dream has finally come true 😭

I've been wanting to remodel Filbert's house since last March. Because he's my initial villager, he gets the starter house. Tried to swap out the furniture for him, didn't help much. My dream has finally come true 😭 submitted by AsukaSanada to AnimalCrossing [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 16:00 TurdyPound How to get cat to use other litter box?

We just added a second litter box for my girl Winky to give her more options, but I’m not sure how to tell her to use it. It’s in the bathroom closet with the door pulled halfway. She’s gotten in there but only to mess with the litter and jumped out.
I’m not sure she realizes this is another potty for her. What am I doing wrong?
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2021.12.01 16:00 we3abb0o Being gay is actually not a "sin". It is not "haram".

By now we know that Christianity and Islam are actually not real things. This means that they are filled with false teachings. There is no evidence for a "God". This means we cannot accept that these ideologies are true since their style of thinking is based on a mere assumption without evidence. Being gay on the other hand hurts no one. This means that being gay is ok. #loveislove #halalmode #itsoktobegay
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2021.12.01 16:00 shimedd Malena vs LSF (Bossfight)

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2021.12.01 16:00 can2005_ this pic popped of from my gallery, November 2020. Oh man

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2021.12.01 16:00 At_Work_lul How often is your Auto Save set for in minutes?

View Poll
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2021.12.01 16:00 sheidan 🎁[GIVEAWAY] CyberKongz | $37,000 worth | Upvote this post , as well as join Discord + Twitter. Links in comments!

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2021.12.01 16:00 TN_Egyptologist Inlay in the Form of a Cornflower

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2021.12.01 16:00 ATiredPersonoof Dashcam back up camera installation question

I just got a mirror dashcam yesterday it came with a back up camera. is it okay to install it behind the rear window or install it on the back of the vehicle?
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2021.12.01 16:00 s3zle They changed the layout again? Why?

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2021.12.01 16:00 Gunfight3r1973 Any reason NOT to buy a latex mattress from Arizona Premium Mattress?

After months of searching - thought mattress in a box from online distro would be a good option then - discovered APM and a few others 'like' APM - liking this option more - so I am not paying for marketing costs - so - can anyone speak to any cons to buying from APM, sleepEZ, Luma, etc?
Pros? Cons? Experience post sale? Warranty assistance if any? etc...
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2021.12.01 16:00 melchorizo Fuimos timados mi kin BabyRage
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2021.12.01 16:00 Yerone55 €10 direct + €15 maandelijks gratis bij Skrill

Heb al een hele ruime tijd niks van Skrill moneytransfer gezien, plus ze hebben een leuke maandelijkse promo.
Wanneer je registreert via m'n ref link: of gebruik code jeroenp17 bij je registratie ->
En €150 overmaakt naar het buitenland, krijg je €15 korting. Deze transactie kost €4,95, dus €10,05 winst. Je kunt dit heel makkelijk doen door van je NL bank naar bijvoorbeeld N26 (🇩🇪) of Openbank (🇪🇸) bank te storten. Nog geen N26? Kan je heel makkelijk aanmaken met een ref link op dit forum, ideale bank (en debit card). Overmaken via Skrill duurt max 3 werkdagen.
Nu heeft Skrill sinds vijf maanden elke maand een promocode die je in de mail ontvangt. In december is deze GET30. Bij het overmaken van €500 (minimaal), betaal je €484,95. Maak dit dus ook over van je NL bank naar N26 oid. €15,05 winst dus. Voorwaarden van maandelijkse promo: voorwaarden promocode get30
Maillijst met promocodes: Promocodes maandmail
Erg betrouwbare partij, snelle KYC (verificatie). Vragen, laat het weten? Eigen ref link, post hem zeker!
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2021.12.01 16:00 Charlie_the_Mlg_Cat Am I cool now?

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