[Ns] I'm sure there will be a million of these, but I loved every second of this wonderful podcast

2021.12.01 14:54 ginginpowpow [Ns] I'm sure there will be a million of these, but I loved every second of this wonderful podcast

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2021.12.01 14:54 RawGardenOfficial Fake vs Real

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2021.12.01 14:54 itzsteve Need advice- Loki gator

I wanted to see if anyone has a really good team synergy for Loki-gator.
The best I have been able to theorize is pair with Throg, and maybe Worthy-Cap? But I constantly get wrecked.. I swap out Cap for Goddess thor. Same result. Maybe a team of all invisibles? I know i need to do purple and black charged tiles. But works best. If I had a good covered 5* storm I could try but I don’t maybe that’s the answer.
Anyone have any ideas?
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2021.12.01 14:54 zhouse_org Hyunji-A-Memories_in_Sepia_(Remixes)-(FA134)-WEB-2021-PTC / ZHouse

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2021.12.01 14:54 agitatedpixel Who is posing? I'm not posing...

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2021.12.01 14:54 Resmeon Embouchure corners weak

I’ve recently gone through an embouchure change. I have to raise my corners and because of my previous embouchure my corners are atrocious in strength.
Does anyone know how I can get my corners back in shape?
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2021.12.01 14:54 MrMistersen How do I make more barges?

There’s something I’m missing and I can’t find any info about how you get more barges on google
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2021.12.01 14:54 Miki_Joe_Mama69 Vote for JWE2!!!!! VISUALS

Guys who has evo 2 nominate it for the best visuals, or ELSE
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2021.12.01 14:54 Hamiltonz_1291 Good RP ideas

Someone posted a link to TVTropes and I fell down the rabbit hole again. Only this time I found a really good RP idea for a Post Apocalyptic origin...
"The Faata have experienced two global disasters called Eclipses that brought their civilization down." "only unlimited expansion will prevent another Eclipse"
If you have any good RP ideas please post them here.
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2021.12.01 14:54 Quirky_Mud1378 Fidelity RN

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2021.12.01 14:54 guto8797 Can you guess why I am doing a reset on this computer?

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2021.12.01 14:54 GandalfSaidFly This mini world cost $42 million to create and has it's own emergency response team

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2021.12.01 14:54 BadassBuddha17 Should I reach out for her birthday?

56 days NC.
It's been a roller coaster. I broke up with her back in August because I was insecure about opening up emotionally about past trauma and attacked her views and values on feminism (think I have a FA attachment style). Then we got back together mid-September after I tried for a month and did eventually open up to her emotionally, but 2 weeks after that she broke up with me as the dynamic had changed and she said it felt off. Her birthday is coming up December 9th and I need advice on if I should reach out or not. I know there is a lot to talk about and I still have healing to do, but I don't want to come off as hurtful and neglectful, as I still want something (friendship/relationship) eventually. I start therapy on December 13th which I hope will help, but I need advice on if I should send her a 'Happy Birthday, hope you're doing well text'. I still am really blocked up and just don't know what to do or think, but as I broke up first which hurt the foundation of the relationship I need advice on if I should reach out or not - and if doing so will push her further away or cause more problems later on. Thanks
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2021.12.01 14:54 zhouse_org Daniel_Hokum-Ruby_Veil-(UYSR101)-WEB-2021-PTC / ZHouse

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2021.12.01 14:54 GeT2HyPeR Zekrom raid on me!!!

Add me 2793 6823 2984 and be ready
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2021.12.01 14:54 Swhite2323 AJ Applegate in Jean Shorts and high heels

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2021.12.01 14:54 Celtic_Dragonflies Mold on Roots of Norfolk Pine?

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2021.12.01 14:54 Enmi00001 Careful at checkers parking lot

On 23 right next to checkers a sode truck split open shutting down the street and everyone is bypassing it by going through checkers. This town isn't know for it's drives so if you park, be careful
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2021.12.01 14:54 drynionph Brand New Shiryo - Inu - DAPP based game & NFT’s in development! - Liquidity Lock - Launching Now on BSC

Welcome to Shiryo - Inu

Shiryo - Inu launching now on Ethereum and it seems that play to earn game tokens are still one of the best niches to buy in DeFi! The roadmap details a fully functional trading card based game which will allow for the earning of the native token through different incentives including weekly competitions!
Contract Address: 0x0e675f042b4C4053062e94ff4738e233D846A31b
The team recently released concepts for the trading cards on their Telegram group and their design team has done an amazing job, this is a gem in the making and it is still incredibly early if you get in now. Having only been life for less than 24 hours the token is sitting at just above a $1M market cap which is incredibly low for a play to earn game, the team is really active on Telegram and the holders seem to be diamond handed after seeing the potential in this project!
Everything about this project has been super clean so far, the chart looks good and the website and concepts released so far have been on point.
The whitepaper is to be released today alongside more mockups of the concept for the game, the marketing has been on point with calls from all the biggest names on Telegram and Twitter. The developer even just hired a social media specific marketing agency to help get even more eyes on the project, Shiryo-Inu is about to become synonymous with the likes of Floki and Mononoke - Inu, don’t sleep on this one!

Link Buy
Contract Address: 0x0e675f042b4C4053062e94ff4738e233D846A31b
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x0e675f042b4C4053062e94ff4738e233D846A31b

Website: https://shiryoinu.in/
Telegram: https://t.me/shiryoInuGlobal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShiryoOffical
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2021.12.01 14:54 linkognito No one would steal a book right?

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2021.12.01 14:54 Thiemp ZAbawki EPE wielka frajda

ZAbawki EPE wielka frajda
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2021.12.01 14:54 jax_ford Gerald McCabe Wall Unit W/ 2 Drawer Desk

I can't tell how much wall shelves there are based on with these photos, but if someone is local to this listing, it is a STEAL for a Barzilay desk and wall unit.
I'm bummed I'm on the other side of the country!!
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2021.12.01 14:54 mybolognahasaname Emailing Notes?

Do you guys ever email your notes? I started doing it last year just because it was easier to keep track of if there needed to be a back and forth between me and a teacher, and some teachers love to hear feedback right away. I do it everyday, even if just to tell the teacher “kids were great”. I’d say maybe 50% never answer my email and that’s fine by me. I also leave a shorter written note on the desk, but usually only minor problems, it’s not like teachers need a letter of my woes.
View Poll
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2021.12.01 14:54 Mary_Viana_Life Minha árvore de Natal

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