How to smoke keef

2021.12.01 15:53 yktbJannis How to smoke keef

Whats the best way to smoke keef? I normally do it in my tabaco but i am not really sure if this is the best option. Does anyone have some advice for me?
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2021.12.01 15:53 svanapps Treasury Crypto Security Sanction Blocks Exchange Favored by Ransomware Actors

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2021.12.01 15:53 mrdonni Ferrari Testarossa 512m (5616x3744)

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2021.12.01 15:53 LowKey-NoPressure Great Sacred Site placement in this 2v2... Green was even playing pre-patch Delhi. It was a short game.

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2021.12.01 15:53 Perfect_Ability_1190 V2 updates straight from John.

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2021.12.01 15:53 TheFrederalGovt Who made the more effective pitch to Mattson?

Roman or Kendall? It would seem from my view although Mattson seemed to bond with Roman a bit, the idea of having the Old Man's antiquated operation buy out his cutting edge creation didnt appeal to him at all. Also Kendall may have had less facetime but his Amtrak buying Tesla analogy seemed effective. Any possibility that GoJo buys Waystar and puts Kendall in charge?
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2021.12.01 15:53 joshdaro4real If only Strange could pull miles into the MCU..

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2021.12.01 15:53 livan8 End of 5.0. (Spoilers)

Did ardbert soul disappear after the death of emet when we used his axe? Or is he still reunited with us but not "alive" anymore?
Why did zenos kill varis? I don't think i fully understood.
And finally, is there another version of g'raha tia? He talks to himself so does this mean that in another timeline is another version of him?
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2021.12.01 15:53 KatherynPeek 🦆$DUCK🦆 580holders | 🖼 NFT Collection On the way | Daily AMA |📱 Mobile App Beta Phase | 🏆 Multiple Competitions |👨‍🎓 Professional Team |👨‍💻 CoinGecko FastTrack Applied | 🚀 101k MarketCap

🦆 Duck Inu 🦆 is a token designed for multiple uses(Staking,Purchasing Nfts, Competing in our P2E Game and exchange in our platform).

WE applied for CoinGecko and with FastTrack we should get listed in max 36 hours.



Our developers are working day and night to provide a magnificient staking ecosystem to provide the best APRs on the field.

🖼Purchasing Nfts 🖼

Our coin will let you Mint our Majestic Low Supply NFT Collection. there will only be 500pieces and their utility will be massive(Passive income,Early Access to our P2E Game, and also presale for our Virtual Land Auction). The value of the coin at the moment doesn't represent it's real potential. But as we launch all our developments we are confident that we can be a very strong competitor against coins like Shiba or Doge.

🕹P2E Game🕹

We will have a Alpha phase in mid december which will only be accessible by our very first holders and those who bought our Nfts. then in the 1st Quarter of 2022 the Game will be launched to the public and we are already in talks with multiple influencers to make sure our impact will be massive in the sector.

💱Exchange platform💱

Nowadays entering the cryptoworld is getting easier and easier but still there are big obstacles to overcome. That's why we are creating our own exchange platform to trade our Token and other cryptocurrencies too, this will have a massive impact because our data analysts are confident that this will allow even people that are new with the crypto world to buy our coin easily, therefore there will be a massive influx of liquidity, and the coin will skyrocket even more.

🎁Daily Giveaways🎁

We are hosting daily giveaway for the most active member of our Duck Community, we want to give everyone a chance to win, so don't miss the chance and have fun with us.

💰Multiple Competitions💰

Competitions are and will be a very important aspect of our community, it will make sure engagement stays high and people receive rewards for it. Multiple prizes will be given and will only benefit all of us. We want to have a community that perceives $Duck as their token and feels proud of owning it.


1 Billion Tokens Minted

10% Buy/Sell Tax

5% Marketing (which goes to the marketing wallet which is going to be used only for marketing related costs)

3% Liquidity

2% Holders

🚫🐳Anti whale system in place

Max wallet 1%(10million tokens)

Max Transaction 1%(10million tokens)

Daily updates from the developers on the ongoing of the project to make sure investors are always updated with the ongoing situation

❌ No Dev. Wallet

🔒 Liquidity Locked for 24 years

✅ Contract Verified 0x636df8d8717a4ed1c338681498ac076458bcead0

✅ Contract Renounced



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2021.12.01 15:53 TidalLion Fresh cut before work. Wish I had my own place so I could get the sides buzzed more

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2021.12.01 15:53 Own_Salamander_8324 [Discussion] Questions about LN/ anime Plot

  1. Is Emilia a copy and paste of Satella or are there small differences between the two? I’m aware that the same voice actor in dub/ sub plays them both and the anime shows they are practically the same.
  2. What’s the significance of the gate/ seal Pandora wanted open? Has it been mentioned what would be inside if opened? Not sure if it’s Satella’s seal or something related to the Witch’s/ archbishops powers.
  3. The theory that Satella is Emilia from a different timeline is pretty viable but at the same time kind of confusing. Subaru swears to save Emilia in EP1 and he accomplishes this goal, saving her many times. He also shows her what love feels like and while she may be too mentally immature to truly understand the significance to it, she can understand it too some degree which again I feel like is saving her from the darkness of being alone/ hates. Obviously Emilia has no idea of RBD. Satella wants Subaru to have a happy life and love himself, something he never could accomplish and still hasn’t up till LN 17. She claims that Subaru “saved her” and gave her everything. It almost sounds like what he wanted to give Emilia, somehow was given to Satella ( who resembles Emilia in every way but is 300 years older). The only hard thing to grasp is how it would work considering Satella was sealed 300 years before Emilia’s birth and as far as we know Subaru was not present during Satella’s life.
I’m sure you all have answered these questions a million times but thanks again.
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2021.12.01 15:53 OL_TANDY_CAKES Day 7, switching from Oxy to Subs

I feel pretty amazing. Almost completely like my old self before I fell into a year long oxy addiction. is an amazing service that I would recommend to anyone struggling to quit CT. I'm currently taking about 12mg daily but plan to slowly taper off. I would also like to thank this group for their support as I don't think I would be where I'm at today if it wasn't for all of the advice and feedback from here. Stay strong everyone!!
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2021.12.01 15:53 RedHeadedKoi A Prayer Request, my friends. I need your help.

Let the wicked feast on the wicked and the righteous be spared. May the Devil weep at your feet. We pray for the revelation of King Jesus. And please, help your Son care for the Earth.
Sincerely, we pray. Amen.
~ ravi
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2021.12.01 15:53 Katharineamericana Killer giveaway from Epic Merch Store!

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2021.12.01 15:53 ordep13 Comedy itself. / by: me

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2021.12.01 15:53 Dankdaddy_42069 SB in UK timezone needed if interested DM me

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2021.12.01 15:53 EmbarrassedNote2767 [20] F student paralyzed by fear, pressure, reputation and culture. How do I become comfortable in choosing myself when I was never given the option of choice?

TLDR : I’m the second child in the family and first daughter. Parents never paid attention to my schooling until my brother failed them and now the pressure is on me. They want me to do CS but I hate CS and i was never good at it. I want to do music but my parents are religious muslims and think it’s demonic. I bought a guitar with my own money and have been practicing for a few months, I’m not good but I want to dedicate my life to it. I’m scared to even bring it up with them because they may disown me, kick me out, or destroy my guitar. But I can’t keep doing this.
So I’ve been in college for about 2 years now, my father has been telling me to do computer science from the day I graduated high school. I didn’t listen to him because I didn’t really like it. So the past 2 years I’ve been undecided. Lots of bad things happened last year and I was diagnosed with ADHD so as far as my credits stand I’m a sophomore. I finally listened to my father this semester and took computer science classes and I don’t like it. I don’t know how to even bring that up to him or my mother because I know they will lose their collective minds. To be honest I’ve never been a good student. My grades have always been average to bad (because I was suffering from mental illness an ED and self harm all at once but they didn’t ask me about it. not like I hid it either) and my parents have been focused on my older brother since he was supposed to be the bread winner. He disappointed them and isn’t even in school anymore so the pressure is on me. and I don’t like computer science, I don’t even try in school anymore. I haven’t tried since before covid.
I know deep down i want to do music but my parents shot that down from when I was a kid and I’m too embarrassed/terrified to even ask now. I recently was brave enough to ask my parents if it was okay to buy a guitar (with my own money) and I was shaking and crying while asking them for it and I couldn’t even look them in the face. I felt like I was having a panic attack, I honestly might have. My parents are religious muslims so they think guitar and music is literally demonic. The religion thing is a whole other mess since I’m an athiest but with this in mind I don’t even know how to break it to my parents that I want to do music. The last time I did bad in college my mom told me I was gonna kill my dad (he has health issues) and I know she’s gonna say the same thing again, and that’s gonna fuck me up for months. I know my parents want me to do computer science because it makes good money and it’ll be good for me, which is great and I’m glad they’re looking out for me, but I just can’t. I’m miserable. I don’t even like to do it. I don’t even like school if i’m honest. I feel like I’m being dramatic and I should just force myself to do it because plenty of people do, but I literally feel mentally fucking paralyzed. It’s the same with my guitar too, I practice (with headphones as quiet as possible) but I’m not really good and I have a huge learning curve as a 20 year old. So when I fail at it I become resigned and stop practicing.
I know if I tell my parents I want to do music for the rest of my life they’re gonna tell me I dont know how to. Which is true. They might also destroy the guitar out of rage and I’m terrified of that. I know I’ll be resentful towards them if I don’t do music in my life and I don’t want to be resentful. But I’m scared they’ll disown me or kick me out if I ask. I don’t have any money, my car is recently undrivable because of a car accident, and I don’t live in a dorm. I don’t even have a group of friends because I don’t know how to socialize and I was sheltered as a kid. I live with my family. All I know is that I wanted to since I was a kid and I just want support from them and I know I can be good eventually. I also feel responsible for my parents because we’re poor and my brother already “failed” them. And since they’re religious, even if I make tons of money off of music they won’t want a DIME because the money is sinful to them. I also know if I chose this the whole pressure to lift my family out of poverty falls on my younger sister, who’s also doing computer science. I know how patronizing out prents are and if two of their kids drop out of college and avoid computer science they’re going to watch my sister like a fucking hawk and force her to graduate with a CS major at all costs. I feel so stuck I can’t even make a decision. I don’t know what to do and I feel my whole life slipping by me because of it. am I being selfish for this? any advice would be great.
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2021.12.01 15:53 MurphyBuns *NEW REFERRAL LINK* Get $25 Deso Crypto Free ! - No deposits needed ! - Instant withdrawals! - Limited time only !

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2021.12.01 15:53 awkward_at_every_age Weight loss/Week 6/Female/175 lbs

Feeling a bit stuck and re-evaluating my diet. Less salt maybe? Am I weighing everything? Two weeks left! Gonna use them to really figure out what’s going on. I am Canadian so no Thanksgiving to put the blame on. It feels like every mouthful I eat is just welding itself permanently to my butt and thighs. On the plus side I have not given up in despair and indulged in an all out binge!
curse you, scale!
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2021.12.01 15:53 CitrineRose Help with color and texture

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2021.12.01 15:53 IkumaVR I fixed the BoboVR M2 (Pro) - well, for me. (german video)

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2021.12.01 15:53 Awesomedude177 Had a bit of fun listening to them.

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2021.12.01 15:53 DizzieD Lost Dog in Culver City - help if you see Gamgee

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2021.12.01 15:53 Odd-Limit-3295 My Dream Halo Movie

Ok so imagine the halo reach campaign done as a movie in the style of halo wars 2/halo 2 cutscenes. It would follow the exact story of the original campaign but with some extra scenes thrown in. Would that not be the dopest thing ever?
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2021.12.01 15:53 Dokkan_Lover Fuck you Extreme TEQ ESBR, get no item'd. This is for all my homies who struggle with it.

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