FT : On-hand Aprimons / LF : Aprimons, Apriballs, Items.

2021.12.01 16:02 Aaaight FT : On-hand Aprimons / LF : Aprimons, Apriballs, Items.

Hi everyone.
I'm trading my on-hands Aprimons (those that I have on stock, see the dedicated column in my spreadsheet) :
I'm looking for HA (if applicable) Aprimons I don't have.
I'm also looking for Apriballs, various BP Items, such as Power Items, TMs, Flame Ord, Toxib Orb, etc.
Thanks !
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2021.12.01 16:02 armascool I love Microsoft Store

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2021.12.01 16:02 Mariomillions414 💰 $MARIO MILLIONS 💰 | Streetwear, NFTs, Investments & Gaming on BSC | U.S. Trademark & DAO LLC | 🚀 Fair Launch In January | Daily Prizes 💴 | 100% UNIQUE USE CASE 💯

💰 $MARIO MILLIONS 💰 | Streetwear, NFTs, Investments & Gaming on BSC | U.S. Trademark & DAO LLC | 🚀 Fair Launch In January | Daily Prizes 💴 | 100% UNIQUE USE CASE 💯 submitted by Mariomillions414 to CryptoMoon [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 16:02 Momba2 When to write LOCI (UC Hastings?)

Hi all, like some of you I was waitlisted at UC Hastings this morning. My stats are 17low and 3.8high, and I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion about yield protection. Would it be appropriate to send a LOCI if this is the case? I’m definitely considering UC Hastings and was hoping for the A, but is it necessary to write one especially this early on if this is YP?
Thank you!
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2021.12.01 16:02 rayjensen Ergo Price Manipulation

Just look at the charts. The price is intentionally suppressed by manipulators. How do you think ergo foundation attracts tier 1 market makers when they have no money to offer them? Easy price manipulation will let market makers buy cheap so they can provide liquidity and pump price.
If you are offended or you think that ergo is too good to be manipulated then you need to wake up, this is crypto after all. All crypto can be manipulated and insider trading is industry standard in crypto.
Ergo is easy $50-$100 coin but is manipulated so market makers and exchanges can buy before the liquidity is fixed.
This is just how crypto works, I’m sorry if I’m shattering anyone’s dreams of a decentralized world with no corruption. The truth is that the only people buying ergo right now are the manipulators and the people who have been in crypto long enough to understand. When the manipulators are done buying they will let retail fomo in at $100, $200, $300 per coin and they will laugh at the people selling for $7.
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2021.12.01 16:02 1mrlee UR Murktide with past Trophy Leader sydneydude

Hello everyone! I recently streamed with past trophy leader sydneydude (Simon) and we played some UR Murktide in Modern.
He shared some super insightful plays and i learnt alot from these games.
Check it out!
Part 1: https://youtu.be/F_rHEVd33JU
Part 2: https://youtu.be/7x7Y21Ku72k

Enjoy and please give me feedback!
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2021.12.01 16:02 jolientaboo STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE 2022 READALONG 📚⚔️

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2021.12.01 16:02 ForeignAdagio9169 Banning for liveries - ignoring abuse.

I find it hilarious that currently people are being banned for liveries, especially the Kim one.
And yet, I can't start a race without people teleporting miles ahead the second the race starts. Let alone all the other instances of abuse. Whole clan tags shifting from last to first second and third. What a joke.
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2021.12.01 16:02 Lopsided_Range9197 I have no words to describe how I feel

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2021.12.01 16:02 tacopony_789 Rig to flush the digester sample line

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2021.12.01 16:02 ImadeUSAcry What does your school typically serves for lunch?

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2021.12.01 16:02 bdeismyg323 This promo was 🔥

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2021.12.01 16:02 bmccormack11 Help with home AV system - DIY

Sorry if this isn't the right sub but I'm looking for help on getting my in-laws set up with a new, AV system that they can turn on their TVs through an app and select various sources like Blu-Ray, DirecTV, Apple TV, etc.
They currently have a Crestron system that was installed when they built their house 9 years ago, but the vendor wants to charge them over $20,000 to upgrade the system to Crestron Home OS3. All they use it for is controlling the TVs in their house and switching inputs and they have two iPads with Crestron app that they use as the remote.
I am very tech savvy so I am confident I could help, but I haven't done something like this and don't know where to start or what the minimum requirements are. Is it all software based? Is there any hardware needed to bring it all together beyond their devices?
As a note, they currently have a tower in their basement that houses all their devices but they have no way to add new devices (like a Fire TV Stick) or upgrade existing boxes.
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2021.12.01 16:02 polaritypictures Orange Amps has their Yearly Wish Granted Give away coming up in December.

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2021.12.01 16:02 BayernRChampions What was your favorite card from each season you have played? For me, it was 100 rs cf hulk for s3, base icon scholes 95 ( sadly used him as txp because I built a Bayern team) for s4, and finally so far it has been 113 pi David Beckham for this season, s5

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2021.12.01 16:02 KobeBryant_245 Who did it better? 😂

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2021.12.01 16:02 KingsRaven Beckett's Ghost

"But why?"
There was a brief pause as Beckett considered his response before realizing he didn’t actually have a good argument. "Alright, fine. Let’s do it."
Zavala’s expression was stern as he stared down at the Hunter, and his voice was strained, tense. "Guardian, it’s been brought to my attention that you’ve made some…unusual modifications to your Ghost."
"At her request," Beckett interjected, drawing a deep sigh from the Commander. There was a time when he might have simply shaken his head in amusement, laughing quietly to himself about Guardian eccentricity. A time when Cayde would have been loudly egging him on. Back when people believed that the mood could be lightened, or that it was worth trying to. It was hard to believe all that had happened since then. Beckett couldn’t help but wonder what Cayde would have made of their current circumstances.
"Guardian, are you listening?" Zavala’s sharpening tone snapped the Hunter out of his thoughts. Honesty probably wasn’t the best policy here but…
"No sir, I’m sorry. My mind ran away from me." But Beckett didn’t exactly have the best track record for so-called 'good decisions.' Zavala’s sigh was heavy enough that Beckett could feel it like a physical presence on his shoulders. He hated to see what the man had become. There was no hiding the toll his position had taken on him of late.
"I was saying we can’t afford to be exposing our Ghosts to greater risk. Especially not right now. We need every Guardian ready and at their best. Even with the Witch Queen out of the picture for now, we can’t rest easy. Her sister’s forces besiege us, and behind her the Black Fleet is waiting in the wings. We won’t be able to win this war if we lose Ghosts to foolishness like this."
"It’s been working just fine for the two of us so far, sir." Beckett knew it was the wrong argument as soon as he said it, and he could see the storm clouds gathering behind Zavala’s eyes.
The Commander’s voice rumbled through his office, not loud, but raised enough to set the newton’s cradle on his desk buzzing slightly. "And what of the example you set for new lights? They don’t have your experience! They come into the Tower and hear stories of Beckett and Whistler and they get it into their head to follow you and your foolishness. I haven’t bothered to check the numbers yet, but I’d wager that no small number of lightless, or even final deaths, are owed to you and your antics."
Beckett wanted to ask about the example set by Zavala’s favorite, the one everyone called the Guardian –slayer of gods, deposer of kings, champion of the Tower, etcetera, etcetera– but he knew it was different. Saladin’s Young Wolf had accomplishments. Sure there were new lights that were idiotic enough to believe they could dive into the deep end, but their loss wasn’t enough to override the dozens of times the Guardian had saved all of humanity. Beckett had a gimmick, and a dangerous one at that.
"All the same, sir. It was Whistler’s choice, and I believe her agency is as important as our own."
Zavala’s eyes narrowed. "You speak of her agency, and yet here you are, speaking for her. Where is she? I’d very much like to hear what she has to say."
Beckett didn’t flinch. He’d known this was coming. "Due respect, sir, you asked to speak to me. Whistler is taking care of other tasks she felt were more important than accompanying me to this meeting." Zavala looked, for a moment, like he was going to explode, his eyes quite literally brightening with rage, and as he struggled to compose himself Beckett pressed his advantage. "We’re hardly the first to apply tactics like these, sir. Many of the guardianless Ghosts who work alongside the Hidden and Owl Sector conduct themselves in similar fashion. I notice that Ikora Rey is not standing next to me. Or would you lecture Saint-14 for putting Gepetto in danger those many times when he pulled his 'danger close' resurrection gambits? Or perhaps you’d like to go and speak to the Drifter about the modifications he made to his Ghost? Nor am I the only Guardian to employ 'foolishness' as a primary tactic in combat. Fabian, springs to mind, with his brilliant stratagem of charging the enemy until they run out of munitions. Not all Guardians are as level-headed and careful as you are, sir. If there are new lights that choose to look up to me, can you honestly say that I’m that much worse than any of a dozen others?"
"Are you quite finished?" Zavala’s voice was dangerously soft, forcing Beckett to remind himself that there was not, in fact, any real punishment the man could mete out. Could he cut off Beckett’s support from the Vanguard? Sure. But that was unlikely. He was just trying to feel some measure of control; something he hadn’t had for a long, long time now. "I’m not here to listen to your arguments about who I have and have not let off the hook. I am here to order you to immediately reverse the modifications made to your Ghost. You’re putting her in unnecessary danger and risking your own life for no reason in the process. I will not stand by and see you foolishly throw away a critical asset in our war against the Darkness, nor watch you lead others astray with your asinine displays. Is that clear?"
Beckett gritted his teeth and glared at the Commander defiantly. "Speaking of the Darkness, sir, will this order be enforced to the same extent you’ve enforced your order that Guardians not claim or wield Stasis?"
Zavala’s lip curled into a snarl and he spoke slowly and carefully, every word dripping with barely restrained rage. "Get out of my office."
The staccato bark of Cabal slug throwers shattered the stillness of the sunrise over the Europan ice, and Beckett wondered how many times this crew had changed allegiance since coming to the system. If they’d been here from the beginning then first they were Calus’, then Ghaul’s, then perhaps Calus’ again, then servants of one of the many petty warlords that rose before Caiatl appeared, and now…well, they clearly weren’t listening to her orders anymore. Of course, there was no way of knowing how long they’d been in system, but given how accurate they were compared to the usual Legionary cannon fodder, and how well coordinated they were, he didn’t find it hard to believe they’d been around for the long haul. They’d gone and pinned him down pretty well after all.
"Any chance of getting an assist here?"
Whistler’s only response was her chirping laughter, dripping with the energy of the 'I told you so' left unsaid. A shrill whine, quiet, barely perceptible under the din of heavy weaponry, cut sharply through the frigid air.
Beckett grinned. "You go low, I go high?"
<> Moments later, an alien roar of agony joined the cacophony, and the barrage faltered.
"Sounds like my cue." Beckett vaulted over his makeshift cover, spinning his body to accelerate his arm, a void coated knife already slipping from his fingers as he took full stock of the situation at a glance. One Legionary was on the ground, great gouts of oily blood pouring from a severed stump where a foot should have been. Two were looking around in confusion, trying to locate the new threat. A Centurion bellowed orders as a trio of Phalanxes moved into a defensive position around her. A flash of silver rocketing along the ground slipped between the rapidly overlapping shields, tracing a glimmering path amidst the small stand of tree trunk thick Cabal legs. The center Phalanx howled and stumbled, his ankle giving way, his shield slipping, and his helmet ultimately pierced by Beckett’s blade. Another knife from the Hunter’s other hand creased the Centurion’s armor, but otherwise was harmlessly deflected.
Then he was on the ground, and their focus was returning to him, the obvious threat. The flashy one hurling glowing knives, whose Gaheris roared louder than even their most fearsome Valus’ war cry. A trio of deafening cracks from the heavy Häkke hand cannon; two in the body of one Legionary, rupturing his armor and leaving him sputtering and desperately struggling to keep his guts inside, one tearing helmet and head alike from his compatriot’s thick shoulders. A second Phalanx was down now, calves torn to ribbons by an unseen lash.
The Centurion’s thrust pack belched flame and smoke as it propelled her upward, her solar shielding growing opaque as she focused it in front of her, sublimating Beckett’s next trio slugs into noxious metal vapor. Her Bronto cannon hummed as it charged and then howled as the roiling energy split the frozen moon’s atmosphere. Beckett dove into a roll to dodge and leapt as his feet swept back under him, propelling himself upwards and forwards, summoning a trio of arrows to one hand, a bow to the other, each hissing the static call of the void. The first cracked the Centurion’s focused shield, the second shattered it, and the third found its mark in the gouge dug into her breastplate.
A rolling landing, and with a final crack from the Gaheris and the third Phalanx fell, the bullet burrowing from one side of the soldier’s rib cage to the other. Beckett spun the cannon back into its holster and dusted the snow from his shoulders. His victorious quip was cut short by a burst of fire which caught him in the left shoulder and spun him around, reminding him of the first wounded Legionary. A lightning fast draw as he fell was followed by the hollow click of a hammer striking a spent cartridge; empty. The Legionary was shifting, settling its rifle into a more stable firing position. It wouldn’t miss a second time. Then a silver blur, a shriek rippling across the still ice, and the Legionary’s head slipped to the ground, a grace note thud preceding the heavy crunch of armored body crushing snow.
Whistler’s sharpened shell spun Cabal ichor off, splattering it across the battlefield, as she made her way toward her injured Guardian, her light already rising to heal him. <> she trilled, her tone conveying the gleeful grin her form could not. <>
Beckett winced. "You mean us?"
Whistler could barely contain herself. <>
Beckett rolled his eyes. "Great."
King narrowly avoided being bowled over by the Hunter turning the corner out of Zavala’s office. The man flashed the Titan a sardonic smile as he passed. "Warmed him up for you." Both King and Quiet watched as the slender man strode away.
King nodded, redistributing his precarious armload of research in the wake of the near collision. "I do believe it was."
Quiet’s shell arranged into a facsimile of a frown; his frequent opportunities to practice the expression were paying dividends, dubious though their value might be. <>
King shrugged carefully, papers threatening to spill onto the ground. "Why not?"
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2021.12.01 16:02 zacdude0 You guys know of any IGO (initial game offering) launchpads that don't require KYC?

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2021.12.01 16:02 UrbanHermit-HamOn Electrum Chest - CNEGames Champions of Lore Episode 55 - Dec 1

Rewards one (1) Electrum Chest. The code expires at 10AM PT on December 8th.
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2021.12.01 16:02 programwitch 👍 on YouTube: Notre-Dame de Paris, Paris France (BINAURAL AUDIO IMMERSION) - The Sound Traveler

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2021.12.01 16:02 TurtleKinggg Goodbye to my Molbiol 4RR3 mark

RIP :")
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2021.12.01 16:02 imenemhd8 [H] Windows 10 Professional Key genuine Licence Activation 32/64-Bit, Microsoft office 2019 professional plus Key digital Key Licence, Microsoft Office 365 pro plus Key, Windows 11 Pro key, Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus Key, Microsoft Windows 10 Home Activation Key, [W]. Best Price!

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2021.12.01 16:02 ysaintbas Hurricane x Moon [Cinematic Version]

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2021.12.01 16:02 AnonymeScheissPoster How do you count calories in rice?

So, on google, white rice is around 130kcal per 100g.
However, on the supermarket, all rice packagings say that rice is around 350 kcal per 100g!
Soooo... I'm quite confused here.
Adding water to rice should (in theory) make it heavier so that could explain why the 130 to 350 disparity. However, reading online, raw rice is, apparently, no more than 200 kcal per 100g.
So I have no idea what's happening.
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2021.12.01 16:02 GameOnBrother Aftermath, a New Psychological Thriller, Announced for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X

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